just moved to seattle area, looking for a group

looking for people to game with... unless you know me by reputation... then you won't want to game with me.


i'm technically in issaquah now.


  • One good place to start is by checking out Story Games Seattle, a weekly drop-in gaming event. It's held on Thursday evenings and again on Saturday afternoons, I believe. Their site is storygamesseattle.com.
  • My experience of the Seattle scene is that it is enormous, diverse, and overlapping, but not at all unified. SGSeattle is a good place to start. Or pitch something here and see who's interested.
  • you mean, pitch on here that i am looking for a story-games driven gaming group? what an ingenious idea. :)
  • Some things to check out, as they surface throughout the year: Emerald City ComicCon, Go Play NW, Fabricated Realities (in Olympia), Gamestorm (in Portland).
  • +1 to Story Games Seattle. They are warriors of the light.
  • yep. already signed up there. thanks guys. i assume those posting already have groups in the area.
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    He's on the east side. Jamie has dibs, y'all, so back off.

    You just missed PAX. Come to Game Day and meet some folks. What's the next con coming up after that?
  • Jim, I meant suggesting specific games you want to play and seeing who's interested. I tend to put together new and different groups each time I want to play something. I hardly ever play two different games with the same group of people.
  • There's an East Side Story Games meetup that's less regular that Jamie organizes, that might be easier from Issaquah.
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    The Eastside meetups Jamie runs every other Tuesday are part of Story Games Seattle. So Jim when you look on our calendar you'll see what's what.
  • yep. thanks guys. been to story games twice now. would love to be gaming more than twice a month, though.
  • We finally rid ourselves of the pinto? Oh thank god. Seattle, you can have him!

    All in jest, jim. Hope things go well for you in the land of rain and coffee.
  • you know. sometimes jests hurt, rob. sometimes.


    not this time, though. up yours!
  • we are looking to get together regularly in issaquah or sammamish.

    we are also looking to play a long session of dogs in the vineyard.
  • east side has been slow lately. only three of us showing up regularly. and jamie keeps getting sick. dammit.
  • Jim, I missed this back in the fall. I guess that explains why there's no Pinto games at Strategicon. How dare you betray us by moving away... ;)
  • sarah just yelled at me on facebook a couple days ago. i know. i already miss the con.
  • The East Side is SO FAR AWAY. I would love to play some serious Dogs.
  • i'm dying to run it. that and some AW. where are you?
  • Near Greenlake, but I work in the U District.
  • i have friends in the U district. i don't know where greenlake is.
  • I'm in Ballard, but I could go to either the U District or Greenlake; the Eastside is too difficult without a car :)

  • i don't have a car, either. might need to work out a specific day to gather. weekend? i can take the bus?
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    I'd totally throw you out an invite to some of our games. But at least one of the people I game with has a serious social phobia. He has to meet the person he's gonna play with and hang out a few times before he'd even consider gaming with them. We've had to cancel games simply cause someone not involved in the game was hanging around the house we were gaming at.

    Though you could try looking into Gamma Ray Games or The Dreaming. Both stores are friendly and good. Go Play NW is a must, Fabricated Realities in Olympia is good too I hear. As is Ambercon Northwest in Portland.
  • You might check for groups on this handy map of Seattle.
  • Hey Jim, yes you can take a bus, though it might take a while; you can check http://tripplanner.kingcounty.gov. It sounds like there might be enough of us to have a game in the U District. Apocalypse World? Monsterhearts?
  • hey. sorry. been gone from this list a while. it's easier if people e-mail me.

    can we post e-mails on here?
  • You can always use the whisper function on the posts, that way your message only goes to those you select.
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