Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok

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Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok is set in the end times of Viking mythology. It guides the players to explore the four ages of Ragnarok and fulfil destiny to the final battle that is prophesied to occur on the plains of Vigrid. At the start of Ragnarok the sun and the moon are devoured by the celestial wolves Skoll and Hati. This plunges Midgard into darkness, and sets in motion three years of continuous winter called Fimbulvinter. As humanity fights to survive, morality breaks down, creating a very dangerous world.

A Viking's most glorious moment is to die with valour in the heat of battle. For if one does, the Valkyries will take the slain champion to the heavens so that they could fight by the sides of the gods and jotuns in the final battle before Surt baptizes the world tree in fire.



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  • System?
  • The game system is like no other, using the RGS (runic game system). At the foundation are the 24 futhark runes as well as a play mat (pictured bottom left). All skill, action, combat resolutions are done using the customized rune bag (each player has their own). If you would like a hands on demo, and will be attending GenCon, we will be in the First Exposure exhibition hall. :)
  • Some seriously evocative artwork there! Very nice.
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