Pride and Prejudice: A game for two players

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Straight to the point.
Title: Pride and Prejudice
The game: A game for two players defining the past, the present and the future of their characters (and eventually killing the one moved by the other player).
Reference page (in italian):
Draft playing procedure (in italian):
English procedure (and reference page) under definition

What I need: generic feedback, useful hints, playtest (I've playtested through the last year with 15-20 games), questions about design choices...
I'll use some image that I hope will immediately clarify the game procedure.

The game has a Preparation phase.

After the preparation phase Scenes are Played. Scenes are played in two phases.
Phase 1: "Moving forward the Narration" (Player A narrates scenes 1, 3, 5. Player B narrates scenes 2, 4, 6). Phase 1 ends when the player says "Scene End".

Phase 2: "Fighting for my character". This is the 'fighting' phase in which the players try to force truth of fictional elements through playing statements. This is the phase when Pride, Prejudice and Token values are used (and are affected by the winning and the losing of one statement with respect the other).

But is better understood with one example:
PRIDE in Action


At the end of Scene 6, Phase 2 the final scene is played.
This basically happens with Player A and B
- Narrating their desired ending (ending must respect all fictional constraints determined by previous scenes)
- Rolling 1 die + Pride and Prejudice values + token (x2)
The highest result wins.

The game lasts around 60 minutes.
It is possible to reduce playing time around 20 minutes reducing scenes (and modifying a bit the currency mechanic).
I'm going to write in the next few days the final version of the manual (ready for editing and publishing purposes).

Thanks for any feedback.


  • Hi all. Just a quick update.
    I've succeded to publish this game.
    Will provide link as soon as possible.
    If anyone is interested, feel free to ask.

  • This looks interesting, and I like the graphics explaining the rules.

    Has this been played a lot? What kind of feedback have you received so far?
  • Hi Paul.
    This looks interesting, and I like the graphics explaining the rules.
    Thank you very much.
    As soon as I'll make the check about the quality of the english edition (italian edition has been published around 1 year ago), I'll provide the link and I'll setup a videoguide to explain the rules.
    Has this been played a lot? What kind of feedback have you received so far?
    Yes, the game design last around two years, and it's been played a lot before the publishing.
    The feedback received is that the game asks for a great imagination effort at the beginning because it provides no guide to start the fiction and the players begin with a blank sheet of paper.
    During the game, if players do not control properly all the events narration may lead to a very complex "fiction structure" that may have the risk to be potentially impossible to "tie together".
    Both aspects are intended, because my design style tends to emphasize the aspect that the player has the most possible narration authority but everything is said builds 'fictional constraints'. Having the most possible freedom imply more responsibilities... :)
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