[minis+] Have you read HG Wells' Floor Games?

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A link to HG Wells' Floor Games in pdf format, with illustrations and photos.

I've started a number of [minis+] threads here. A lot of them center around my slightly eccentric take on the use of miniatures in imaginative gaming.

Really, that's all the fault of someone several years back, at The Forge, pointing me in the direction of Wells' old book.

I've realized that most folks have never even seen the book. If they know anything of Wells' contribution to gaming, they probably know im as an early advocate of recreational toy soldier wargaming, by way of his more famous book, Little Wars. In a very real way, LW was an ancestor of the miniatures wargaming hobby that would eventually lead to D&D and roleplaying games generally.

FG though is a bit of a lost gem, and probably truly a better source of inspiration for miniatures not-wargames more in line with more open creative play.

I strongly encourage you, if you are a fan of both gaming miniatures and story-games to take the time to read through this early work.


  • It is one of my absolute favorites. If the sheer joy of it doesn't make you yearn to play make believe in imaginary worlds (and oppress your siblings), we need to have a talk.

    I really adore it.
  • I'd never read "floor games," thanks for the link.
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