The House Season 3

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All five pitch videos are now up for the new season featuring me, Joe Mcdaldno, Tori Brewser, Robert Bruce, and Morgan Stinson. Whoever gets the most likes and dislikes on their pitch video gets to go first so put in your votes. Also any comments you make on our videos could get answered later in an interview segment. Come be a part of the fun!
The House Season 3
The House rules

If anyone wants to discuss the characters, their videos, and the story we make as the season goes on, this is a great place to do it! I for one am super excited and I think I'm going to have to step up my acting skills to meet the challenge of the other people playing the game.


  • The House! We're pretending to be contestants on a reality television show, via Youtube. I'm really excited about this game, and also hella intimidated by the quality of pitches that others brought to the table.

    A lesson I've already learned: eyeliner is really hard to remove, and I should have created a character that wouldn't require me to don and remove it multiple times per week.
  • I was so intimidated by Tori's character, I almost didn't play.
  • I was so intimidated by Tori's character, I almost didn't play.
    Bro, your video was the bees knees. They were all fantastic.
  • Here is the first "Hater" video.

  • This is so great.
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    I was so intimidated by Tori's character, I almost didn't play.
    Bro, your video was the bees knees.
    I think Ross stole the spotlight in my video. I've got to step it up.
  • I want to totally encourage anyone else who wants to play this game to organize their own group of players and start a game. Just send us the links to your videos at or send them to us in a private message on Youtube. and we'll put them into a playlist so everyone can find them and watch them. Even if you can't find anyone to play with, if you send us a pitch video we can put you together with other players for a new season, once we get enough pitches.

    Also it would be awesome if anyone would like to write a write up of the game to help spread the word!
  • This is so great.
    Thanks a lot! Makes me happy to know you're watching.
  • I wish more folks would comment, like/dislike, etc. Also: When is the next video going to appear? I made mine when I was all hung over!
  • Thursday.
  • Herbert's video is up. Dawnshadow is up next.
  • Hey, I need to make an interview video. Anyone want to leave some fans questions for Alvin Clarksky?
  • Alvin, are you getting any play these days?
  • Hey Alvin, what kind of product do you use in your hair? And in your facial hair? And to get that bronzed skintone? And what kind of vocal modulation software do you use to get such dulcet vocal tones? And what kind of lights do you use in your room, or on dates and stuff?
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