[Monsterhearts] Provocative Classroom Questions

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Why do you have a crush on ____?
Who does (student in last question) have a crush on?
Why are you good friends with (answer to last question)? (ask somebody who didn't answer the first question)
What did ____ catch you doing that was kind of weird? How did they react?
What is the name of that rich kid everyone pretends to be friends with?
Who is that nerd who is always here before everyone else every day?
Is ____ copying your test answers, or are you copying theirs?
What rumor did you hear about ____ that has to be false?
Why did ____ stop throwing those awesome parties a few months ago?


  • Also, props to Joe Mcdaldno in the game of Monsterhearts at GPNW he ran for really setting the mood by, after filling up all but three or so seats of the classroom, going "So how did this dude die a few months ago? Right, and how did this girl die two weeks ago? Okay, and what about this guy?"

    It definitely added strong sense of creepy.
  • Oooh, I like those Ben, thanks for sharing!

  • What does s/he do that really gets on your nerves?
    What does s/he talk to you about that s/he doesn't talk to anyone else about?
    Who did you see him/her making out with behind the bleachers last week?
    What does s/he get away with that nobody else does, and why?
    Why do you think s/he is always late every morning?
    What do you wish you knew about him/her?

  • I like to fill up the classroom by having everyone say who sits next to the PC to ther left.

    Then the only question I ask is, "what's their deal, and what do they think of (PC)?". It's a great kickoff for one-shot Con games. The announcement that their classmate Stephanie died the night before is usually all the push they need to start getting int trouble.
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    "So how did this dude die a few months ago?"
    Joe asked our table that question at Fabreal and my angel totally avenged that dude.

    Ross Cowman is another enlightened master of the hyperprovocative seating chart. He should join this thread!

    Other questions:

    "How/why does _____________ dress funny?"
    "Where are___________'s parents?"
    "What class is this?"
    "How did ___________ find out about your monster nature? What keeps them from outing you?" (this feels extreme but I might be too timid to be a Monsterhearts GM)
    "Who is ______________ always texting?"

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    My stand-by questions of late:

    "Who's the kid with the knife?"
    "Why did _____ miss so much school last year?"
    "Remind me - who is it that you were sleeping with? And why did you guys break it off?"
    "Why do you hate ____ so much?" Then to another player: "Why are you so into ____?"
    "What's the name of the class drug dealer? And who wants to sleep with him/her?"
    "What's the name of the kid who died three weeks ago? What's the official story about their death?"
    "What's the name of the only [gay|black|poor|foreign] kid in class?"
  • Questions I remember:

    "How did _____ humiliate you?"
    "What did you do that hurt ___ most?"
  • These are great examples. I find myself wishing they were in the book! But that's why we have community conversations like this.
  • How often have you had nightmares about the insect in that amber paperweight your ____ teacher keeps on their desk?
  • These are great examples. I find myself wishing they were in the book! But that's why we have community conversations like this.
    You'll find guidelines and examples for provocative questions in the book:
    "Ask Provocative Questions and Build on the Answers" (page 107)
    "Seating Charts" (page 136)
  • Oh, I know, I mean I wish that these ones had been there.
  • While doing research for your history project, what did you uncover about your family?

    Why didn't you do your homework last night?

    Why did you stop being friends with _______ in junior high?

    Your mom has something you had in kindergarten on the fridge and refuses to take it down. What is it?

  • Who's the kid with scabies? Why do you have a crush on them?
  • What book is the kid-who-sits-in-front-of-you-who-is-always-reading reading today?
  • During the last Mischief Night you did something terrible to the student sitting next to you's house. What did you do?
  • During the last track/wrestling/whatever meet, you saw a student athlete pushed to the limits of their body and will. What did they do and what is it you know about their personal life that makes this even more remarkable?

    Sorry, I can't stop.
  • Sorry, I can't stop.

    "Who tried to kill you? Why?"
    "Who's the kid who practices primitivist skills? Is that weird?"
    "Who's the principal's daughter? What's her reputation?"
    "Why do you sit next to _____? Even after they _____?!"
    "What does _____ smell like? Do you like it?"
  • When you were in nursery school, you and ____________ survived something crazy together and haven't spoken since. What did you go through?
  • You saw something on TV and read something for school that combined to make for really fucked up dreams. What did you see and read?
  • Why did you get expelled from your last school?

    Why does the police chief know your name?

  • How did you survive Columbine?
  • Who hosted the last big party? Which of their parents did you make out with?
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    Inspired by Joe:

    Someone in your homeroom has maps, plans and weapons for taking the school hostage. Now they only need 3 students they trust to pull it off do something horrific. Who is it and how do you know about it?
  • Others from that game.

    _____ lives in the same trailer park as you. What happened? (With a great answer of player pointing to me and saying "She happened", which, under the circumstances, was pretty much inevitable.)
    Did he see you sneaking into the trailer you use as your magical workshop, or did you see him making drugs in another trailer?
    Why does _____ have a thing about replacing your Queen?
    The deal with you and _____ -- what is it?
  • What did you do that ___ got credit (or blame) for? Why haven't you told anyone (who believed you)?
    What did ___ do that you got blame (or credit) for? Why haven't you told anyone (who believed you)?
  • From my DexCon 2012 notes:

    What does ____ do? (Answer: ____'s adorable.)
    Who smokes pot in your fae forest?
  • 1) [Person] has arrogantly launched an early campaign to be crowned [king or queen] of prom. How do you intend to stop him/her?
    2) [Person] seems to be always picked last for the pick-up games of basketball. Why do think that is?
    3) Last semester, [person] helped you get the calculus teacher's copy of the final exam. How do you think s/he managed it?
    4) When I passed out stone drunk at the last rager, I think [person] rooted through my pockets and stole my shit. How can I really get him/her back?
    5) Oh man, yesterday we found [person] drinking hella bourbon at school. Where did s/he kill the bottle?
    6) [Person] likes to get really goddamn GG Allin crazy at house parties. Who saw him/her get naked and dance on your parents' heirloom dining room table?
    7) Coach suspects there's a massive drug problem going down for the lacrosse team. To whom does [person] sell steroids?
    8) The thing about roses is that they have sharp-ass thorns. [Person] is obviously a rose, but who did s/he stab when scorned?
    9) [Person] thinks Johnny got his rocks off with the history teacher. Why does s/he think that?
    10) [Person] slept in the brambles under the interstate overpass for a spell. When was this?
  • Skin specific questions!

    (if feed on humans) So who's the student you've been feeding on, lately? And what's the name of their friend who is getting worried about how they're so pale and tired all the time?
    (if feed on animals) So that one night you couldn't find any strays or vermin... who's the student whose pet did you ate? And what did you do with the body?
    What's the name of that student who was able to resist your hypnotizing gaze? And what were you trying to get them to do when you found this out?

    So what promise to you did ____ break? And why haven't you punished them for it, yet?

    So why do your grandparents want to meet ____?

    Why does _____ remind you of the sea?

    So what's the name of that one student who has been making googly eyes at your one true love?

  • (Werewolf)
    Whose scent makes your mouth water?

    Whose misery attracts you like a moth to a flame?

    Who survived one of your hexes unscathed?
  • (Chosen)
    So how did you save ____'s life? Do they know you did it?

    So who is the most delicious of you fellow students, when it comes to satisfying your Hunger?
  • Why does the student next to you go to the school nurse's office so often?

    Which student in the room has had the most artwork hanging in the lobby and hallway? What happened to the most recent peice?

    You have something in your backpack that doesn't belong to you. What is it? Does the owner want it back or know it's missing?

    Why does ________ have always seem to have a pass to leave the classroom? Where is he/she going?

    Who does the teacher seem to pay the most attention to, and why?

    Which student plays guitar in a band? Where do they practice? Do you ever go watch?

    Who knocked ______ up? Has anyone seen him lately?

    What did _____ ask you to give ______? Why didn't you?

    Who asked you for a cigarette?

    Who's parents had a fit when they found out she was secretly dating ________? Was it only because he's black? What did
    they do?

    Who is permanently banned from French Club and why?

    Who is always submitting articles for the school paper that never get printed? Why do you suppose that is?

    Who's selling magazines/ chocolate/ chintzy crap for the school's fundraiser? What's the money supposed to be used for? Why are you taking it? Why will [student selling crap] replace the funds from their own money rather than get you in trouble?

    (for the class Vampire/Ghost/Ghoul) Who's grandfather recognized you from his youth? How did you know each other?

  • Starting season 2, jotted a few new ones down in preparation!

    Who is the girl with a boy's name? Who is the last guy she beat up for making fun of her name?

    Who is the new kid? What's the one thing you know about them?

    What's the hottest thing about the guy with blue hair? (Repeat this question for all players. Demand different answers from each. If anyone tries to play the 'not into guys' card, ask "What is it about the guy with blue hair that gets you all confused whenever you find yourself looking at him, then?" instead... Or just say "It's probably supernatural mind control or something. Yeah, that's the ticket. So, when you're under the influence of what is obviously said powers, what's the hottest thing about him?")

    Who is the kid who is, like, 3 years younger than everyone else and a total genius?

    Who is the kid who has been held back twice?

    Why are those two kids the best of friends?

    Who is the kid who is almost a little too normal?

    What's the name of that, like, Wiccan (or whatever) girl? What did you go to her for help with? Did it work? (I probably wouldn't use this one if there was an actual Witch or Infernal PC.)

    How has ____ changed kind of dramatically in the past few days?

    Who is the kid with the scar? How did they tell you they got it?

    You're good friends with ____ despite what?

    Who did you used to have a crush on? Why don't you anymore?
  • There are totally naked pictures of ____ on the internet. At least everybody says there are.
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    Why does ____not get changed in the locker room with everyone else?

    Why does Mr/Mrs _____ always kick ____ out of their class?
    Why does Mr/Mrs ____ always give ____ special treatment?
  • A link over to the version of this thread I started out of confusion. So you can find each thread from the other.
  • From this weekend's first session...

    Which girl had the abortion?
    Who did she say was the father?
    Who's really the father?
  • In response to gossip about their STI, one of the kids took a stand and refused to be shamed for their health status. Who? And who did they have to hurt to change the dialog around STIs at [school]?
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    Inspired by season four of the Wire

    "Who grew up in a group home?"
    "How is [name] involved in the drug trade and do they want to get out?"
    "What do [name]'s parents do to finance their drug habit?"
    "If [name] had to choose between the drug corner and school what would s/he take and why?"
  • In response to gossip about their STI, one of the kids took a stand and refused to be shamed for their health status. Who? And who did they have to hurt to change the dialog around STIs at [school]?
    That's fucking BOLD. Stolen.
  • How does [name] cope with the homeroom teacher dating his/her mom?
  • How does [name] cope with the homeroom teacher dating his/her mom?
    Or, if you want to go a bit more manga, with the principal dating his / her mom? Or, y'know, dad?
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    "What could be the most important exam/test of [character's] life is coming up tomorrow. Why is [character] completely unprepared?"

    [Character] could be any old kid in the class, or a PC.

    "How did you end up in the school play? Who is playing the romantic lead opposite you?"

    "Who is the social queen bee around here?" "Which two characters did they set up to go on a blind date together tonight?"
  • As usual, I'm way late to the party, but this thread has been invaluable. There are so many great, provocative, fiction generating questions here. I want to use them all!

    And because I want to contribute:

    The break up between you and [name] last month was really bad, wasn't it? Which one of you cheated on the other, and with who?

    How do you always kill [name] in those fantastic dreams you've been having lately?
  • I ran a Being Human inspired game this weekend (no canon characters, just started with three monsters sharing an apartment) and came up with these provocative questions to use (some of them are just reskins of the high school questions, I make no claims of originality):

    The Neighborhood
    • Who is the new neighbor? What's the one thing you know about them?
    • Which neighbor's pet went missing? How long ago was this?
    • Which neighbor confessed they had a dream about you?
    • Who is the neighbor who never stops talking? What's the one story every tenant has heard?
    • Who is the one tenant the landlord isn't friendly towards?
    • Who used to live in the now empty apartment? Did they die or move away? If they died- how?
    • Who is the shut-in who never leaves their apartment?
    • Who won't look you in the eyes at the mailbox?
    • Who is always asking for things (milk/batteries/sugar/etc)?
  • I like those Skin-specific questions very much!
  • I just wanted to say thanks for this thread - I'm a beginner MC, with a group of beginner roleplayers playing over skype, and while everyone is enjoying the game, I don't feel like it's really hit its stride yet, but no more! Tomorrow the drama's getting kick up a notch!
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