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What stuff should we watch, read, play?

1.Feel free to respond here in-thread to another link posted.

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Because these threads are great: We can link to little things being talked about on the web in general, on blogs, or other forums that might be noteworthy, without having to dedicate a new thread to each and every one (although that, too, is fine if you want to discuss the item further or "open up a discussion").

Responding to these posts with a comment or two is understandable (other times there might be no comments, just cause the link was self-explanatory: nothing to say, lots of heads nodding in agreement). But we don't want to create a huge discussion in the middle of the thread: Some folks get a lot out of these threads, and don't want to look back to see the "10 latest posts" just to see that it's a heated discussion of something from a previous page. Cool? Cool.


  • The multi-author/individual-campaign/adventure-galore project has launched over at LotFP. The list of authors includes well known names around here like Anna Kreider and Vincent Baker as well as Monte Cook and others.

    You can check the status of all the campaigns here.
  • [LotFP adventures 1]

    Has anybody here took time to scan them all? Is any other author besides Vincent producing an adventure-construction-toolkit or something else which is not just "an adventure"? Is any of them promising a pure location-based adventure with no overarching "plot" to it?
  • [LotFP adventures 2]
    I went and made a thread because I could.

  • Dry Erase Dice

    When were they gonna tell me?
  • [Dry Erase Dice 2]

    I use these in my classroom and they kind of suck. If you use a dry erase marker it wipes off upon handling and rolling, if you use a wet erase marker it's hard as the dickens to remove. But if that doesn't bug you, they are quite cool. Oh, and also large, probably like 2.5-3" per side. I think if you have a local teacher supply store you can get them for cheaper, because I'm pretty sure I didn't pay ~$20.
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    So, on the 'new to me' list; Noirlac. It's a blog of pixel art from obscure games, lots of cool GIFs. I'm going to use some of the sweet 16-bit castle art for my next Dungeon World game.

  • [Dry Erase Dice 3]

    So, other than totally sucking, they're pretty good?
  • [Noirlac 1]

    Just a warning to anyone else who's browsing at work, I saw a blinking naked girl with an axe and a creepy "looking up someone's dress" shot before I closed the window.

    I'm curious what the blinking naked axe girl was all about though . . .
  • [Noirlac 2]

    Lots of blinkies. So besides NSFW warning there should also be a seizure warning.
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    PDF City Terrain for your Victorian Era SF/Steampulp adventures. Yeah, Stoelzel's Structures does it again. Nice for when you need to chase down Jack the Ripper or Dracula through an old British slum. With night color options as well, for a really eerie feel.
  • Speed Dating
    Is it me, or should someone put together a video like this for RolePlaying Games? I could offer some script advice?
    (I think we all could...)
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    Because I mistakenly dumped this in the June thread, I'm gonna go ahead anr repost:

    I blogged about the wonderfully challenging Sorcerer game my friends Hans and Justin and I played with Jesse Burneko via Google Hangouts. It was fun, ruthless, horrific, human, and a great gaming milestone for me.
  • [1 Synnibar] Well, I'd like it if you said more. I've seen a lot of posts like this in various places and I can't tell if they're mocking Synnibar or trying to encourage me to back the Kickstarter.

    I've always heard that Synnibar was kind of shitty. Is that not the case?
  • [Synnibarr 2]

    No, it's all mocking. It's incredibly shitty. I've played it, and owned a copy for a while.

    But, it is incredibly shitty in sort of an amazing way, which in some sense in kind of neat.
  • [Synnibar 3]

    Play Refuge in Audacity instead.
  • Chronicles of Skin 1.1 is available for anyone who owns the card game.
  • [Sorcerer 1]

    Great write-up! Seriously folks, read it if you're at all interested in Sorcerer. Joel writes really well and clearly about his play experiences. Plus Ron's got a great long comment on the post.
  • My first foray into designing a card game is a thing called Channel A where you assemble assorted words into an anime title and make a pitch explaining what the series will be about. It's been a lot of fun so far. :3
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    Coolness, I love that style of play where the player is challenged to assemble a story for random elements. (Rory's Story Cubes and to some extent, my own The Trouble with Rose begin examples of that kind of thing.)
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    Julie d'Aubigny, "La Maupin", should be an inspiration to anyone looking to play an outrageous swashbuckling seducer:
    Julie D'Aubigny was a 17th-century bisexual French opera singer and fencing master who killed or wounded at least ten men in life-or-death duels, performed nightly shows on the biggest and most highly-respected opera stage in the world, and once took the Holy Orders just so that she could sneak into a convent and bang a nun. If nothing in that sentence at least marginally interests you, I have no idea why you're visiting this website.
    And just one of the dozen or so drop-dead anecdotes related therein:
    Of course, her fiery temperament in love and combat meant that she slept with or swordfought with most of the men and women in the opera at various points during her career. Like, one time some jackass doucheface pretty-boy actor was being overly-aggressive while talking to one of Julie's actress friends, so La Maupin told that asshole to take a chill pill and show the lady some respect. He told her to fuck off and mind her own bitch business. Later that night, as he was walking home, he found La Maupin standing in the street, weapon drawn, challenging him to a duel for honor. When the guy refused to pull his sword, she fucking beat his ass with a wooden cane, stole his pocketwatch, and left his dumb ass in an alley. The next day, the dude came to work with a couple black eyes, and when people were like, "WTF is up with your face," he told them he got jumped by three big black dudes armed with hammers and baseball bats. As soon as he said this, La Maupin pulled out the dude's pocketwatch and called him out a lying liar from Douchebagville. Then, to make matters more humiliating, she then forced the dude to kneel and beg forgiveness in front of all his co-workers before he could get his shit back.
    I cannot attest to the factual accuracy of any of this, although several reference links are provided; but even if fictional, she's still amazing enough to inspire any number of PCs and gaming sessions. Damned if this doesn't make me want to play Swashbucklers Of The 7 Skies again...
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    Seconded! badassoftheweek.com...because no matter what outrageous stunt your PC just tried, someone has already done it for reals. I love that site.
  • I made an annotated, searchable exhibitor list for Gen Con 2012 for the This Just In... From Gen Con! website. It takes a long time to search for and look through the websites of 300 or so exhibitors. You can find it here.
  • A friend of mine is working on a Star Trek inspired RPG tentatively titled "The Final Frontier" and has started up a blog about it.
  • [Final Frontier 1]

    Great goal, but I get a little skeptical when he says the game "aims to pattern itself after the Original Series and Next Generation". They're so totally different! In any case, I'm excited to see what he comes up with.
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    [The House]
    The House is a youtube story game by orion canning and robert bruce. In it you take on the role of a reality tv starts living in a house together. Play occurs via a series of youtube "confessionals." that the public is invited to comment on and like/unlike. Season 3 just started and it is hella funny. you should check it out.
    Season 3 Youtube Playlist
    "The House" Rules
  • [LotFP adventures 3]

    I see they added this today, wich sweetens the deal a bit. Still not convinced we'll see too many of these funded, though.

    July 10 Update:
    (see the July 10 entry in the Updates tab for more info on these points)
    All funded adventures will include a PDF supplement with conversions to the "OGL 3.PF" rules system.
    A new funding level has been added: The 3.PF Faithful, with all these conversion notes and stats included in their own booklet
    New perks and information for The Faithful and Collecting Faithful levels:

    If you go in for The Faithful level or above, and that adventure is the only one that funds, you will receive a 100€ coupon for the LotFP store. If only that and one other funds, you will receive a 50€ coupon.
    An exclusive 64 page adventure by James Edward Raggi IV. This adventure will never again be printed in this format (only an abridged 32 or 48 page version in the future), only those pledging at the Faithful or Collecting Faithful levels on funded adventures will receive it. There will be no PDF version of this adventure. This adventure does not count against the ones mentioned in the previous bullet point. It will be included in your Collecting Faithful package but will not be a hardcover inside the slipcase.
    A booklet with all of the "How I Would Fit This Into My Campaign" sheets, with cover art by Zak S (Vornheim, Playing D&D With Porn Stars, etc), will be included with these perks (will not be made as a hardcover for the slipcase).

    For the Grab Bags, you may choose which adventures you want.
    A new perk: "Retail Support" has been added
    Three random Collector-level contributors on funded projects will get to have a character of their choice drawn by Jez Gordon in a situation from a funded adventure of their choice, with this art appearing in the Extras booklet.
    (end July 10 Update)
  • WE Comics just published the digital version of the first issue of Triage, a new comic by Mairghread Scott and my friend Candace Ellis about a paramedic who is just about to discover that she has special powers.
  • So I'm actually really happy with the last 3 episodes of Out of Character, the latest is a very detailed situation a listener wrote us about: The Martian Standoff
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    F5 Games just released Pocket Heroes, a turn-based, multi-player, dungeon-crawl rpg for iPhone & iPod Touch. Among other things, it features retro 8-bit graphics and cooperative, asynchronous gameplay so you can adventure with your friends at your leisure (kinda like a geekier Words with Friends). Trailer / $0.99 on the AppStore.
  • Ryan St's Wrack & Wruin (a re-writing of Swords & Wizardry/Original D&D) has been offline for at least half a year, but I'm hosting a copy of it here (with Ryan's permission) if you're interested in getting it again.
  • [The House 1]

    I'm so excited about playing this game. Even if it means having to apply eyeliner multiple times a week in order to shoot my videos. That might have been a silly choice to have made.
  • Infiltration.

    Imagine the creator of Dominion wrote another card game about infiltrating corporate skyscrapers. A competition between rival thieves for data packets and a quickly dwindling hourglass.
  • Race to Adventure, the board game-flavored Spirit of the Century on Kickstarter now, has indefinitely delayed my purchase of Fortune and Glory. I can't seem to say no to anything with an Evil Hat logo on it.

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    Bog mummy frankensteins.
    [Bog-mummy frankensteins 1]

    This story treads close to my novel. Seriously. Also, I shall steal from borrow these facts shamelessly.
  • The Fiasco episode of Tabletop is live. Alison Haislip, Bonnie Burton, and John Rogers make bad stuff happen to (mostly) bad people.
  • [Fiasco Tabletop 1]

    Holy seedy shenanigans, this was a fun watch. Looking forward to the second act next time.
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    I don't normally plug stuff but check out The Broken Continent on Kickstarter. It's an independent, live action fantasy webseries - like A Game of Thrones. My aunt has a role in it if it funds.
  • [Infiltration 1]

    We played this last night. It was fairly quick and fun. I only advanced a couple rooms before going back to the entrance to grab a big pile of data-cash, and then I felt like I'd taken myself out of the game because I clearly couldn't catch up with the rest of the players. But then it turned out that meant I was the only one in position to escape with loot, and so I won the game!
  • The Screaming Demons, a cool little short story from the creator of the Goblins webcomic.
  • I wrote up a bunch about the really fun Swords Without Master game I ran at Chicago Game Day 32.
  • Last day for 25% off sale on Stoelzel's structures pdfs at Wargames Vault site. Yeah, i know I flog links for that stuff, but man is it a great buy for players who like minis use and more modern settings. The downtown core sets are classic for pulp or victorian era games in different genres. Thes simple model designs are made to be glued to readily available foamcore and don't have a whole lot in the way of tricky folding techniques or fiddly cutting like a lot of other downloadable structures from other companies. they also offer some sweet examples of one off weird stuff like Evil Villain lair complexes our of an old James Bond movie, a decrepit old warehouse ( who doesn't need that?!?) and a firhouse and library for the Ghostbusters fans. Also neatly available are some old farmhouses and an asylum for more Cthulhuesque escapades.

    While I know that minis love is a bit of a niche interest here, this stuff really does make modern settng minis use much more viable on a real-person budget. If you can even find non-paper models for this sort of stuff, it tends to run in the $50/building range, and scratch building, once all costs are figured in, doesn't tend to be much cheaper.
  • While looking for something else I found Dress design, by Talbot Hughes as an ebook on Project Gutenberg. It deals with dress from prehistoric times up to the late nineteenth century.

    There are a lot of very nice illustrations of clothes, shoes, hats, and even wigs! In the end there are some patterns if you feel like busting out your sewing kit.

    The book is from 1913 (transcribed from a 1920 reprint it seems) and the level of authenticity regarding clothes from older periods is highly uncertain. The level of potential awesome as a source for inspiration seems to be very high though.
  • [Dress design 1]

    Wow. That is insanely cool. Thanks for sharing!
  • So, Levi has done it again (released another cool free game): This time what appears to be an Avatar: The Last Airbender reskin.

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    an Avatar: The Last Airbender reskin.
    Ahahaha! I have fooled Andy! There's no Avatar here!


    Here's what Bright Arcana actually can run with ease:

    > Jem and the Holograms, with powers, Vs. The Crawling Chaos.
    > Kingdom Hearts, at the upper levels.
    > Persona 3, if the school was Xavier's academy for extremely lethal girls.
    > Abhorsen, with a crapload of mojo.

    Like that.
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    TEDx Talk on Board Game Design
    w/ Kevin Spak and Sam Liberty

    Topic is "What is fun?" and while they're mostly talking about board games, same principles apply to the role-playing style of game too. There's a shout-out to Story-Games also at 9:03.
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    Truly, they are the Beastie Boys of game design.
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