[Make Stuff] Uncle Murgatroyd's Box

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After your Uncle Murgatroyd's death, his lawyers shipped you a file storage box filled with papers, photos, and the occasional small object. The contents, taken together, begin to reveal a mysterious story. What did you find in the box?


  • A sepia picture of old uncle Murg in Tibet with his arm around a Tibetan man's shoulder. Both are smiling broadly. Except uncle always was proud of saying he'd never left his home state of Tennessee in his entire life.
  • A rubbing, possibly from a rock surface, showing a few lines of text in an unknown alphabet.
  • Aunt Judy

    (or at least what Uncle Murgatroyd _called_ 'Aunt Judy')
  • A folded up menu from Bertie's Diner with Linda Sue's phone number scrawled across it in oil crayon, and an iron nail wrapped with copper wire and crusted with a thick patina.
  • A handwritten notebook containing pi to 20,000 digits. Every seventh digit is incorrect.
  • A handwritten letter from the late Ted Kennedy thanking uncle Murgatroyd for being "of great comfort in our family's time of need".
  • That Uncle Murgatroyd had a small mail-order business selling dreams and nightmares. Delivery of the "product" was outsourced to a collective of witches in the former Soviet Union, a couple of strega in Sicily, and new age crystal supplier in Muncie Indiana. And he died owing his suppliers quite a bit of money. The last few letters from each of them sound quite threatening.
  • A burned out lightbulb of unusual design, in yellowing tape is written "175,422 hours!"
    A left handed manual can-opener
    A sealed mason jar with a fist sized live beetle in it. Written with a sharpie on the lid, "In case of emergence, break glass."
  • The handle of a broken ancient sword, corroded and covered in what appears to be dried blood.
    An airport locker key with the number scratched off.
    A small bamboo fan with far-east looking signs on it (which do not seem to be either Chinese, Japanese nor Korean).
  • A packet of mismatched 4x6 index cards, each with text from a dot-matrix printer on one side. All begin "From: Heavens, To: Murgatroyd", followed by a series of numbers, followed by a haiku in romaji.
  • "From: Heavens, To: Murgatroyd"
    Most excellent.

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