Key code : 1034

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Come join us in the collective The Bumblebees for our New Year’s party. We’ll fix food and champagne, bring anything else that you want during the evening. The party starts at seven, but the sauna is open from five for those who are interested. As usual the key code is 1034.

Key code : 1034, a Zombie Cinema hack.


  • Hah, pretty nice! It's a bit more focused into a specific situation compared to the usual ZC hack. I'll add this to the ZC website, too.
  • This warms my heart. It needs custom cards, too.
  • Posted By: WilhelmThe party starts at seven, but the sauna is open from five
    Damn, I miss the Nordic countries already! Or, rather, I miss your parties.
  • Posted By: Jason MorningstarThis warms my heart. It needs custom cards, too.
    We discussed this in the playtest group. Yes, it would be nice to see some custom cards for this hack. But the original set worked well for us.

    However, I think there is a strong element of culture gaming here. Specifically playing in your own culture.

    We played in a commune in Stockholm. Which made sense to us since all the players at the table shared the same cultural perspective (preconceptions :-) ) on what life in a collective is like. Should you set your games in a Swedish commune?

    Maybe. Do you feel you have the knowledge to do so? Or would a commune in your own home country feel more real?

    We specifically set our game in a familiar environment, to make it real, to make what ever happened in the game seem relevant. Had we set the story in an unfamiliar environment there would have been a greater distance between ourselves and the fiction. And I think the game would have suffered for it.


    Then, of course. It would be great to make a game set specifically in a Swedish commune in the 70'ies. And provide enough background information for the international gaming community to get a shared perspective of what that means, and include a set of character cards that are relevant to that culture. But then we're not talking about a small hack any more, but a full featured game in it's own right.

    A very tightly focused game.
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