[Idea me!] A Wild West Show goes to Transylvania!

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Yeah, I did just use "idea" as a verb. Forgive me.

Anyway, I've been buying up stuff for my slow, summertime minis playset project, and while I'm working on that, I've been thinking about putting on one of those big table, one day event game thingies I've talked about combining bits from other world playsets I already have finished.

I'm looking for ideas. Little vignettes, events that could happen anywhere/anywhen within the context of those collections. Ideas for characters or motives. Stuff like that.

The title of this thread pretty much is the whole of the concept I have right now. An old time style, Buffalo Bill inspired Wild West Show is touring Europe and ends up in Transylvania. Not Real Transyvania, but Hollywood monster movie or Halloween TV Special Transylvania.

The world playset cillection:

So I've got cowboys and indians and trick shootists. We've got various monsters and mad scientists. And gypsies and townsfolk. We've got a smallish village and a large tavern/hotel. We've got woods and hills and a decent river and bridges. We've got a whole bunch of stray cats and quite a few tiny monser toys sold by Reaper miniatures as familiars. We've got a large semi- ruined old castle and graveyard bits.

So there it is folks.
Idea me.


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    Romanian partisans fighting against the Grand Duchy. Royal representatives of Franz Josef looking for Romanians to put in prison as traitors to the (new, unwanted) homeland. Any Romanians will do! Lunatic Magyar nationalists looking to kill them both. Any of them willing to partner with ... anything ... that furthers their goals. As locals, the Romanians have a leg up in the Dracula department.
  • Oh dear! Where do the Cowboys and indians fit in to all of this!?!

    And what do the ( badly outof place) Cossacks think of them???
  • They are putting on a wild west show! I don't think they need to get hooked more than that. Trouble will find them. No red-blooded American is going to sit still when there's a bunch of Draculas running around.

    Those "Cossacks" are probably Magyars actually, right? They are waaaay better riders than the spindly Americans, right? And they are totally into murdering innocent (Romanian) civilians, which no red-blooded American...
  • In the Bram Stoker novel, Dracula is finally defeated by being stabbed through the heart by cowboy Quincy Morris's bowie knife. So you should make Quincy Morris the leader of the Wild West show. (Morris died at the end of the novel, but you could either ignore that or have Morris come back as a vampire himself.) Now that he has freed Transylvania from the tyranny of Dracula, Morris is travelling the countryside earning a living from his heroic reputation and his trick shooting abilities.
  • Vampire Quincey Morris is the best idea I've heard in a while. Passing himself off as a normal man, because he has just begun the long journey Dracula took. OK, now I'm psyched about this!

  • Anything you can do to arrange a Dracula, Wolfman, Mummy, Frankenstein battle royale should be done.

    Maybe the Wolfman is a circus freak element that's part of the wild west show.

    And the Mad Scientist just made a Frankie.

    And, I don't know, there's also an Egypt exhibit as part of the show. 19th century travelling shows weren't known for being 100% thematically consistent.
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    Creepy old castles always have a mummy or two as well. I support the four way smashup idea. Make it happen.

    I've been thinking about the Lakota contingent. The factors surrounding their participation and experience in the show were pretty complex. What would they do in the middle of a deeply stupid European disaster? The $25/month contract doesn't include fighting Frankensteins.
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    Sadly, have no Lakota. Apaches I have however. And a Cigar Store Wooden INdian.

    Mummies, indeeed! Heck, I've got a bunch of Anubis warrior types too for those Mummy 2 moments.

    And no, I'd never worry too much about mashing stuff together. hell, that's half the fun!

    And now that I've seen it, there's no way I'd fail to have Quincy Morris as part of this. Buuuut...maybe he's the bad guy for this one?
  • Don't forget Creature from the Black Lagoon on the far side of the Castle.
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    Might have to work that in later.

    I do have some Deep Ones for that sort of thing though.

    If y'all are having more fun with some generalized "Monster Town" type Ideas more than the Old West stuff, go ahead and run with it. I can absolutely do stuff with that if we want to get even more Halloween Special-ish.
  • Robert, right: I totally see Quincey as the sympathetic villain, trying to have the life he thought he could, but pulled by his own dark urges ever deeper into the villainous role previously occupied by Dracula. That allows one to recast Dracula, too: was he, likewise, a good man the victim of a powerful curse? The legends make it seem impossible, but perhaps?

  • (sorry, I don't have ideas, but do you know about Malifaux? What you're doing sounds pretty close to their visual aesthetic, if you want more minis and terrain)
  • Can you explain more about the nature of the event?

    I get that it's lots of minis at a big table at a convention.

    But are we talking about like a super tactile rpg experience that just looks more like a giant minis battle? Do we have a small band of heroes going through a scenario with things to talk to and things to kill and such?

    I'm just not quite understanding the format enough to contribute more effectively.
  • Hmm. No, not tactical.

    More like toy play informed by interaction with non-minis using sg/rpgs.

    Yes a big ol' table. Not a whole lot of rules as such, though I'll try to have some extracted game mechanics handy and probably a chart or two from Mythic GM Emulator. Other writing limited to a dry erase board hung on the wall . Dry erase board mostly there for core concepts like character names and key concepts (Quincy Morris, Old West Show Vampire out for revenge on Dracula!).

    This one won't be a convention game, just 3-5 friends and family, in my kitchen with food on the counters to snack on and a few chairs and a comfy room nearby for breaks in playtime.

    No real team play as an old style RPG. Players can adopt who they want as they want among the characters and develop them through play as they choose. Equally they can drop them, take them over or trade/switch them. I'll be there to provide the playset and some starter ideas and then just facilitate.
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