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So, Iconica. The existence of this game and the other products connected to the World of Rynaga may be old news to some, but I just encountered them for the first time and I'm very taken by the art and design as well as the nature of the world-building project it all represents. I'm normally not an "Oooh, I must have this!" sort of person. This may be a time where I want to make an exception. Before I do though, I'd like to hear any impressions of the game or accounts of play from anyone that has them. Even just dark rumors mumbled by alleyway oracles will do if that's all you've got.


  • Fascinating. It's hard to tell from reading about it, how creatively interactive it is meant to be. Gorgeous though.
  • It is indeed gorgeous, and fascinating. :)

    A search of SG pulled up one thread and one mention, but neither went into the game play. As I checked out the cards and read about the world I couldn't help but draw some parallels to Talislanta. The setting and the character types express a very similar vibe for me. After reading the rules the game looks sound enough but play tells the real story.
  • I wasn't aware of the game until it was mentioned on penny-arcade. I agree - very very pretty, indeed. The maps the creator's made of Rynaga look lovely.

    There's a review on boardgamegeek that's very positive and the game's page (http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/42727/iconica) has a set of PDF demo files -- two characters and the 5.0 rules.


    I grabbed these today and if we've got time I'm going to see if I can talk my partner into trying a one-on-one game. :) I'm going to have to see it in play before I think of grabbing a copy since the packs seem rather steep for just cards and wooden blocks (albeit VERY PRETTY cards).

    The general consensus on the game I've seen online is that its individual rules are fairly simple, but the interest comes from (a) difficult choices and (b) the combinatorial effect of individual character's powers and how they interact.

    As for "creatively interactive" -- looking over the rules, it seems a straightforward tactics/fighting engine -- no real story beyond the color the designer's infused into the card's images and text.

  • It's unfortunate that the play sampler only has one character per player, as the dynamic of having three different characters on a team and the interplay between their abilities seems like the meat of the game. This game is already in my head though. I'm thinking of ways to add arena or battleground cards that you would choose at random after drafting your team but before the battle begins. They would alter character abilities in various ways plus be a way to showcase different areas of the setting.

    Let us know how it goes if you manage to get a match in!
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    Another hack idea, for rpg play. Create two more, non-combat, categories for character abilities. One would be a social interaction category. Create abilities for those categories. Whenever you're in a situation where you have to roll, you roll your two dice and can enact any ability that corresponds with one of those die results, just as with the standard version of the game. I imagine that many of the abilities would start to look similar to Moves in AW/DW/Monsterhearts/InsertHackofChoiceHere.

    I think it might feel sort of like the choices you get in a computer game with a scripted story, where none of them usually quite fit what you want to do but can lead to interesting outcomes anyway. This game has me in its dark yet beautiful clutches.
  • I've been attracted to the game's art for a while now but haven't heard enough about the gameplay to pull the trigger on the pricey sets.


    that's the most detailed review I've been able to find. Sounds like gameplay isn't the deepest.

    Pity, cards really are gorgeous.
  • Posted By: Ignotusthat's the most detailed review I've been able to find. Sounds like gameplay isn't the deepest.
    What I find interesting is that the game play is still being developed. The Version 5 rules have more options and complexity than earlier versions. So it's not just the expanding pool of cards with different abilities that is adding to the depth of the game, the rules themselves are being added to and evolving.

    Since I just had a birthday I went ahead and got some Iconica as a present to myself. Got the little story book as well. Once it all arrives, and I have a chance to look everything over and give the card game some play, I'll report on my findings.
  • Please do! I'm intrigued.
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    *Edit: It's now up on ebay: Iconica Auction

    Over the past few months I've been dealing with a lot of doctor/hospital stuff trying to sort out a serious health issue and get an operation lined up. I haven't had the energy or motivation to play Iconica or do more than take a cursory look at the game and other components I ordered. In addition I've had some computer components take a dump on me and I need to purchase some new ones. In order to help pay for the computer parts I'll be putting the Iconica stuff I have up on ebay sometime in the next week or two. But I thought I'd give first crack at it to anybody here that may be interested.

    Here is what I have (w/links to the Iconica shop pages):

    Rynaga Traveler's Collection
    Rynaga Explorer's Map
    Iconica Mini Series One Expansion (Cirqus of the Three Moons)

    I'll be listing it on ebay as a single lot and would prefer to sell it that way. The retail value is $115+shipping but I'll probably be listing it on ebay with a buy-it-now of $80+shipping.

    If you're interested just whisper me in this thread. The official Iconica website is rynaga.com.
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