King for a Day Kickstarter Fantasy-Horror Project from Post World Games

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King for a Day is a long-term campaign adventure written and developed by jim pinto, author of the World's Largest Dungeon, Toolbox, Ultimate Toolbox, numerous d20 products, and a few other projects you may know of from over the years.

King for a Day walks gamemasters through a one-of-a-kind gaming experience mixing middle ages style fantasy with tension-ridden horror. The campaign-adventure includes nearly 100 NPCs, over two dozen plot threads, three hamlets, an entire valley to explore, charts, advice, timelines, and so much source material you won't be able to use it all the first time around.

System-neutral, the adventure walks GMs through how to incorporate the story elements and run one truly epic campaign-adventure for any number of PCs.

King for a Day is a new and exciting project and your funding will help make sure the maps and art are the best they can possibly be. Thanks for taking time to read this and I look forward to writing and updating you all on "King for a Day."

Funding for this project ensures quality maps, and art. Without your support, this book will be hand-drawn by me. And no one wants that.


  • Map Update

  • Wow. Sweet map. Sorta updated (and waaay better) Village of Homlet.
  • hey storn.


    i was going for old school plot styles with modern storytelling techniques. no boss monster levels.

    glad you like it. i might have a different project for you later.

    if you're interested.
  • 49 hours to go.. another $365 in funding and hardcovers to be released to backers for $25..

  • less than a day to go now. thanks to everyone who supported this project.
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