Where do we find the accursed Vanilla devs?

edited October 2006 in The Sandbox
Okay, I keep seeing all these little quirks about how Vanilla works that I want to see fixed, but I realize telling Andy doesn't do much good. Where can go to tell the Vanilla devs that, for instance, every linefeed in an HTML post shouldn't get turned into a <br>? Or that the blockquote feature is sooo cool, except for the way it elides whitespace around inline tags?

edit: (Or that we'd like to see entities in topics?)


  • www.lussumo.com <--- Go to "Community", sign in and ask around. That's what I do.

    I'm thinking of asking them to do a better job of tag-closing between posts. It's hard to re-edit like 8 other's posts in a row because someone accidentally had a "/i" tag in there...

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