A dash of Burning Empires in our MHRPG

edited April 2012 in Story Games
I have been wanting to run a Burning Empires game for years, but everyone is turned off by meaty rules.

So I made a few tweaks to Marvel Heroic, and we are using it to tell a similar type of story (essentially Warhammer/Blade Runner ). The tweaks are simple, we just stole scene mechanics from BE, every character gets a Color, Interstitial, and a Interlude or Action scene (one action scene per side).

The players made their Heroes, and then they also made a Villain to play. They play the villain like any other character all of them taking turns resolving their scenes. It is working great and keeps the flow moving well.

Have you guys tried something like this before? I am generally opposed to PvP, but the way this works out makes it function so well.
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