[Shooting the Moon] some clarifying questions for play

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So I finally picked up Shooting the Moon and I'm eager to try it out. I have some questions to clear up after reading the text:

1) Some of the Example Games are set up for 2 players and some for 3 players. the only thing missing from the 2 player setup is the Beloved's Dream, right? So to use it with 3 players, you could just add a Dream and you're good to go? For instance adding "the Pirate Captain jack wants to become Admiral of a pirate fleet" back into the Bloody Romance on the high Seas

2) When it's one Suitor's turn and the other Suitor Player is playing the Opponent, does that opponent have to be their Suitor character? The example with the magician turning the Knight into a frog seems to imply this. Or is it cool to throw out other forms of opposition instead?

3) If the spotlight Suitor ties or loses the first Pool roll, and chooses to roll the second pool, do the consequences of the first Pool roll take effect? Like, the fictional consequences happen, and the Opponent/Beloved write traits, and THEN you move on to a new Hurdle for the second pool? (for instance, the magician turns you into a frog, you write "turned into a frog" under Traits, ANd then you proceed to the Hurdle "you run away [presumably on froggy little legs] and gain the trait 'I'm a coward'") Or is the first Pool result preempted by the "second chance" Hurdle, like an Escalation in Shock?

4) On the Beloved player's turn, is the Beloved character involved in the circumstances of the Hurdle? Obviously for a Level 3 hurdle they are, but what about for Levels 1 and 2? It doesn't seem necessarily so, but gaining points toward the Beloved's Dream implies it.

I'm super stoked to play this soon and often!



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