Who Are You? 2012~2017

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A new year, a large thread, it was time to split this excellent introduction thread into pieces.

From here, "Who Are You?": Thread Link Here

Bruce's thread over here prompts me to ask who you are, outside of gaming. I'm particularly interested in the demographic here - I know some of you folks in real life, some of you virtually, some of you by reputation, and some of you not at all. I'll start, and I hope those of you with the inclination will introduce yourself.

Welcome to Story Games! If you haven't already, please tell us about you!



  • I'm Rowan Crawford, a pharmacist-turned-software developer from New Zealand. I hack on open government issues in my spare time, as well as run http://fyi.org.nz, a site to make public Official Information Act requests.
  • I'm Joseph Le May, a 28 year old shipyard worker with vague aspirations of getting a degree in... Economics, probably. I enjoy reading game texts as lonely fun, since most of the time, I don't have others to play games with. I have a longterm girlfriend from Ireland. also, I need to get out more. And I love rock-climbing, and I'm a freaking kickstarter addict.
  • I'm Aaron Sturgill -- 30 years old, recently married, from Columbus, Ohio (US). My wife and I are musicians: we teach out of our home studio, and tour as much as possible with an indie collective called Old Worlds.

    In years past, I devoted a lot of time to designing a sort of sandbox game called Hands and Faces, fueled by a love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twin Peaks, and occult mysteries like Foucault's Pendulum. I demoed it for friends and at a few local cons, but eventually decided it was way derivative, and never finished it. I did like the system, though... it used bags full of variously-colored beads for variable Fortune resolution.

    I'm rekindling a love for role-playing due in large part to The Walking Dead, Cormac McCarthy's The Road, and Vincent Baker's Apocalypse World. I really want to start playing.
  • I'm Zak, a part time porn actor and full time fine artist in Los Angeles who's working on 5th ed. I despise error.
  • I'm Matthijs. I am a oh my god here identity breaks down already. I am an entity who observes and feels and senses and right now listens to music which is good. The evening light comes in through the window, this light that I love, this time of day and year which is possibly the best of all times.

    I am married. I'm nearly 40. I have ("have") three children, of 3, 6 and 10. They're wonderful, and one is sleeping at a friend's house while the other two are in the next room, falling asleep.

    I work with project management for a company that makes apps for mobile devices, mostly. It's nice, except when things go wrong and customers are unforgiving. Processes are interesting to work with, and people are good.

    This light, man.
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    I'm Joe Mcdaldno.

    I am made entirely of bees. Cut open, I bleed honey.

    I design games (Monsterhearts, Perfect, Ribbon Drive, The Quiet Year). I believe that these games can change who we are and what we're capable of. I wish I could crawl out of my skin. I want to know what radical compassion is and then I want to start practicing it. I live in Western Canada. I am in love with run-down diners.
  • I'm Stephen Bretall. Current full-time student living in Mission Viejo, California. Sort-of-soon to be graduating with a degree in business economics and getting an actual job.

    I design games for fun, and I have more ideas than will to write those ideas into full-on books. That said, I entirely intend on releasing at least one game for public consumption by the end of the year. It will be awesome.
  • I am Keith Stetson, a native of the Keystone State currently living outside of Philadelphia. I have otherwise lived in Syracuse, NY and Merida, Mexico. I spend my days educating America's youth and my nights resting up from educating America's youth. Like Joseph, I am also a rock climber. I am a 33-year old non-bachelor.
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    I'm still Morgan. I am tough and mean, like a real tough-guy, so... like... you better not mess with me. Because of my toughness.
  • I am JUSTIN! I have a red beard. I'm 23 years old. I like dark beer. I'm going back to school (3rd times the charm?), eventually. I worship the gods of Metal & Science (Dio & Sagan). I live paycheck-to-paycheck. I'm often boisterous and loud. I love a good pun.
  • My name is Matt. I'm 41. I live in Queens. I work for Corporate America(tm). I've been married for coming up on 8 years now. I have a dog named Emmett. Some of you have met him. He's cool.

    I lack cat-like reflexes but make up for it with cat-like ADD. While posting this short little thing I got up from my seat to make coffee, then decided maybe I wanted a sandwich, then played with the cat for a while, then checked a work email, forgot the pita was toasting, scraped off the burnt parts, came back to my desk, discovered that I hadn't finished writing this post, and here I am again.

    I have never acted in a porn film, but I have watched one, so that's probably why people sometimes confuse me with Zak.

    I used to be part of Joe MacDardalondo's secret elite radical vanguard, back before it got too popular and mainstream.

    Nowadays I spend my time fawning over Stars Without Number and pretending to write music.

    OMG I can't remember the purpose of this thread. Was I supposed to say something about my three favorite games?
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    I'm Jogesh EZ. I've been here a long time, but I went by "Alvin Frewer" to pretend it was a real, civilized name, and then "Pulp Poet" because I'd long since stopped using Alvin. Jogesh is my name. It's my Hindu name that I was given last year.

    I avoided the first thread because I didn't want a blend of real life and Internet life. But I'm cautiously lowering those walls somewhat.

    I work as a game designer for a video game company. It's pretty cool. I don't talk about it much.

    I live in California. I've got an awesome wife. I have two peculiar cats.

    I've got a website for my writing. I'm increasingly proud of it. It started off as a place for fiction writing and poetry. It has expanded into anything that will expand my mind (including fiction and poetry), and trying to unearth that technology and tell stories about it to others.

    I want to see games teach us to see life as fun, and to help create stronger personal awareness. My personal mission is to leave the world better than when I entered it. Like Mcdaldno, I consider myself a radical. I've never found a movement either, so I've recently had to face the fact that there just isn't one. So I'll have to make one.

    The personal project that takes up the most time for me now is writing a religion.

    I'm fascinated by all the ways we tell ourselves stories. About the future. About the past. About the mysteries of the present. About places that aren't real. They're all powerful technology.
  • I'm Chris. I live in Vancouver, BC and I write punk romance stories. No, really, I do. Over at HoodieRipper where I'm currently serializing my novel Molotov Hearts.

    I also like gaming. I'm working on a RPG about living in a punk house. I'm not sure whether it will be a depressing game or not.
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    Dave or David, loves ultimate frisbee, Ithaca, NY -> Vassar College -> NYC -> Chapel Hill, NC, makes websites and graphics and games and stuff. Gaming since '87, first con in '08, played 92 different RPGs so far.

    My two favorite types of RPGs are (1) character-POV-only ignorant exploration/discovery/problem-solving and (2) wild creativity make-stuff-up fests. Ethical challenges can be fun too.

    My two favorite bands are Phish and Tool. Rhymesayers can be fun too.

    I never run out of curiosity regarding how to achieve any given thing in tabletop roleplay.

    Demographic survey: add one to the population of straight white male brown-haired blue-eyed thin average-height perfect-vision right-handed older-sibling Jewish-Irish-Euro-mutt goateed nocturnal massively-allergic sore-jointed omnivores with no political party or religious group affiliations.
  • Steve Mathers, 43, Melbourne

    Wally from this strip pretty much sums me up.

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    I'm Hamish (first syllable "hay", second "mish"), 35, Kiwi: an itinerant classicist and ancient historian who lives in Los Angeles and Wellington. I write games and my PhD, I drink whisky and craft beer. I mix and match those two sets.
  • I'm James, a 44 year-old husband and father of two girls. By day I'm a commercial lender. I have a background in financing films and film companies, but also other types of media, casinos, publishing. For the last eight years I have primarily financed commercial real estate transactions.
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    I'm Brian, a boring 24-year-old dude from South Jersey.

    I work for a ticket brokerage (boo, hiss! I know) doing just about everything.

    Interests outside of gaming include music, history, technology, and TV (anime included in there). Oh, and people, because people are cool.

    I'm looking to finish up a degree in database administration or some other IT-focused comp-sci, because that's practical or something, but I really love the liberal arts, and I'm probably a better writer than I am a mathematician. Chronic health probs are the reason for my delayed graduation, but I'll be back on track soon enough.

    Otherwise I love games of all types, but my favorite is probably Mario Kart (Double-Dash).
  • I'm Jesse. I live in Oakland with my girlfriend. I work at a movie theatre. Sometimes I blog about games. I think campaign finance is the country's biggest problem. I don't laugh that often.

    Come visit!
  • I'm Paul. 42, living in Tempe AZ. I own a web development/design/marketing company. Used to freelance for various game publishers. Just had my first kid, a little girl who's more amazing than any afternoon of make-believe I've ever been part of.

    Also I'm a total bike (mountain and road, downhill when I was younger and stupider) fanatic and do other outdoors stuff as well -- backpacking, rock climbing, kayaking, whatever. I've published books and magazine articles, some of which have to do with gaming but mostly not.
  • I'm Bret, 31, living in Queens, New York, USA. I work in IT and before that have had a billion different types of odd jobs like farm laborer, handyman, Christmas tree trimmer, donut fryer, McDonald's burgerbuilder, and legal researcher. But I love being a helpdesk guy who fixes computers in a way I never thought I'd feel about a job. I like helping people, I like fixing things, and I like taking things apart and putting them back together. Before I got into IT I thought about how I should have been an auto mechanic. But I don't know anything about cars.

    I have been game-obsessed all my life. I sometimes question it, like am I going to lay on my deathbed and think, "Man, that one session of Primetime Adventures was awesome," and then expire? Is that how I went it to be? But when I decided to move to New York City, one of the biggest reasons was so that I would have an easier time finding people to game with. I'm in three weekly games now and love it. And if that seems like a lot, I spend even more time than that playing video games. But somehow I also find time to exercise and learn to cook and have a cool girlfriend and go to horror movie conventions and things like that.

    Oh, I love horror movies. I love all horror movies. Even the extreme ones that make people upset, the "torture porn" stuff. I watched them a lot when I was a kid, and then forgot about them until the end of college when someone was like, "Bret, you know more about horror movies than anyone I know." And I sort of remembered that I loved them and rekindled that.

    I like to draw too but I'm terrible at it. I spent a couple years drawing really, really bad webcomics and I miss it but I have a hard time squeezing it in.

    I designed a game called The Final Girl. I have a game that I'm done designing but not done with all the bookmaking stuff that comes after that called Cold Soldier. It won a Ronnie. Toot toot. After that I have some more things I want to make. I'm codesigning a game about gonzo journalism and grindhouse films with a friend, and designing a game for my girlfriend about astronauts. She's going to do the art because she's way better at drawing than she thinks she is.

    My grandma is my hero. My favorite food is chicken shawarma. I'm a guilty ex-vegetarian. And a Pisces. Also I used to internet overshare but haven't done much of that lately. Turns out it's like riding a bike.
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    I'm Noam. I live in San Francisco.

    I write and record my own music. In addition to my existing catalog, last year, I recorded a song-a-week for 52 weeks. I've also recorded two "rhyming" albums. I've also got some music videos that I hastily assembled and one that's actually pretty profesh that my friend shot and edited.

    Sad Episodes of Star Trek
    You're A Ghost
    Join Me In the Dumps

    I also read, write, listen, watch, play lots of other media. I love games and would love to be playing even more of them. I've also participated in a couple of design contests which have been extremely educational.
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    whoops that was supposed to be a whisper back :)
  • I'm Noah Doyle, husband of 15 years, father of 3 boys (14, 10, 8). Full-time father for 14 years, part-time student - finishing up my History BA, hoping to teach at a secondary level, or tutor/support local homeschoolers. I've been a member of the Church (Roman rite) for 4 years this Easter. I teach Religious Education to 5/6th graders, and yes, I sing in the choir - tenor. ;) I'm putting together a proposal for my parish education ministry to use an RPG to teach Medieval Church history. I currently play in a FATE Star Trek game, and Gamma World, soon to switch to Far West. I run Bulldogs! for a small group (2 friends and my oldest). I am running Dungeon Squad! for all three boys, following a highly popular Faery's Tale game. I'm currently reading Mike Flynn (In The Lion's Mouth) and re-reading CJ Cherryh (Merchant/Alliance universe). I desperately want to play/run Diaspora someday. I have more 'story'-type games than I will ever probably play. I shoot for recreation and training. I prefer Battlefield to Modern Warfare, but I'll play just about anything involving shooting. I loved Karen Traviss' 'Republic Commando' novels.

    This year I WILL:

    ...finish my Vietnam hack/reskin of 3:16.

    ...apply brush and paint to plastic/metal, build terrain, and get my tabletop scifi gaming going again.
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    Hi, I'm a person that my parents chose to call Nathan for some reason? And when I say parents, it is likely that I mean mother. It feels odd to me to identify myself as a thing. I'm still surprising myself.
    I've been a host body to the American deer tick on three occasions, with fantastic results.
    I think the Fender Telecaster is one of the prettiest instruments made, also included in that list is the claw hammer.
    I am recently in love with the woman who broke my 16 year old heart. Wish me luck!
    I am roughly 37 years old, and live near the poorest city in the United States.
    I'd like to make a game one of these days.
    My favorite album is still American Water by the Silver Jews(check it out!).
    My friend Chris is(was?) in a band called No Nebraska! If you're into Klezmer & Fugazi check 'em out.
    He looks like a Bizarro version of Clinton, or vice versa.
  • Hello, I'm Matteo, physician, architect, atrophisicist, philosopher, alchemist and necromancer.
    I was born in late XV century in Lucca, a florid city near Firenze, in Tuscany, and I stumbled by accident upon the secret of immortality at 43.

    In these grim times, I read by day (I read a lot, especially street advertisings and shampoo stickers) and by night I study hard-ish to earn a degree in web-design.
    In the mean time, I tend to associate with Italian roleplayers. I do believe there's something magickal in the way the Italian indie scene creates bonds between people, and I must capture this secret to use it for my quest of world domination.

    If when you see me you see a 26 years old man, that only means that my control over the senses of the feeble-minded is getting better.
  • Hey,

    My handle is nightweave, or if you play glitch Bzzzt. Been gaming since I was 16, was born in 1972. I am a Dad of three, ex-Wow addict but always a Tabletop RPG player.
    My home town is Toowoomba, Queensland, but I live 3000kms from there in Perth Western Australia with all the Sandgropers.
    I work in Computer Support for the Fuel Industry, and you could call me a former RAAF member, but I prefer to look at as I did my part for my country, now let's all put that behind us and get on with Roleplaying.
    Have done metal weapons re-enactment as a hobby, know how to use a sling (not a slingshot), can penspin basically.
    Life currently doesn't allow me to play more than one game a week. Two gaming groups, one old style Pen and paper group (GURPS) with low roleplay threshold but good tactical/historical accuracy; the other RP Heavy with rotating GM's and stories. (L5R, D&D 3.5, Hero's System, D20.)
  • This thread just makes me go "Let's meet and have a baby now!"
  • I'm William. I'm 27, and a victim of the recession (or myself). I left grad school at the worst possible moment, the summer of 2008, and since then I've been a substitute teacher, worked on a few small political campaigns and spent a few months working at a deli. Currently I'm unemployed, again. I live in Northern New York, just south of the Canadian border and just west of Vermont.

    A friend and I make terrible RPGs about terrible people.

    Beyond that, I don't have much to say about myself.
  • My name's Ole Peder Giæver. I'm 31 years old, unmarried but in a (new) relationship. I was born north of the Polar circle, in Tromsø, but spent my youth in Southern Norway and have been living in the capital Oslo since I was 15. I'm a journalist with the Norwegian online ABC Nyheter (http://www.abcnyheter.no). I enjoy comics (Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Daniel Clowes, Tardi, Moebius, Peter Bagge++) and fringy litterature (Chuck Palahniuk, William Gibson, Hunter S. Thompson, Charles Bukowski, Cory Doctorow+++). I also like to draw and take cell phone pictures of street art and other stuff I come across.. I enjoy travelling, good food and the company of friends. I have a bachelor's degree in philosophy and history, and another one in journalism. I consider myself an atheist for all practical purposes, but am fascinated by all kinds of esoteric weirdness, mythology and religion in general. My political views are liberal.

    Game-wise I tend to enjoy rules-lite stuff, freeform and Story Games. I'm the co-author of Itra's City, which just *might* appear in English and German sometime during the year. I've also written a lot for the game 'zine Imagonem and Playground, and a few shorter games and other game-related material in The Norwegian. I larp fairly often, and some years attend the Knutepunkt/Solmukohta festival.
  • G'day Folks,
    My name is Nathan, but most people call me some derivation of Noofy :)
    I'm just shy of 41, a paramagic by profession and consummate, lifelong gamer. I fling myself out of planes on occasion and scale precipitous rockfaces too (if I'm not plummeting headlong down them on my downhill MTB).

    I love the outdoors, camping and just getting out in the bush, but indulge in the odd bit of world wide tramping too (when I can afford it!). Food is a passion, and the fine art of creating it is a constant joy, as is sharing with my friends and family. I spend an inordinate amount of my spare time making stuff for games. Maps, adventures, characters, rules and hacks. Its an obsession, but I love it. I've been roleplaying with my brothers and my nephew a little, but they live so far away, as do my old crew of gamers in the Blue Mts. I've been posted to a small country down, so I've started a whole new group of peeps to gaming, most of whom have never seen a boardgame before, let alone a story game, but it seems to be working out fine!

    Lovely to meet you all (again)
  • You know, this could all make an interesting book, someday. A "slice of gamer life" if you will, in the vein of this. It'd be nice to point to a coffee table book when non-gamer acquaintances make ridiculous claims about what game geeks must look like or enjoy/not enjoy.
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    I'm Wilmer, nicknames never stick to me. I'm 22 years old and live in Malmö, Sweden.

    Things that point towards me becoming a viking doctor:
    * Sailed across the Atlantic ocean
    * Drank a bottle of vodka and didn't get sick
    * Halfway to becoming an MD
    * Practice full intent longsword fighting
    * Having a recurring dream in which I die in battle

    Things that weigh against it:
    * I prefer not having a beard

    I love games but hate wasting my time (which is why I'm careful around boardgames). I've been designing games since before I could read/write. Notable achievements include co-inventing roleplaying games (turns out some other guys did it like 30 years earlier but it was a couple of years before we encountered that tradition at all).

    My grasp of both english and swedish has been deteriorating in the last 5 years. I blame having less time to play computer games.
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    Greetings all..

    My name is Brett Easterbrook, I'm usually refered to as beasterbrook or Brette:) online in quite a few places.. I'm almost married with 2 kids and live in Cairns, Queensland, Australia.. I work in finance..
    I don't "play" RPG's much anymore (if at all) and an now almost solely a collector of rpgs (only print not pdf.. but see below)

    My main focus is collecting all sorts of RPG stuff, I was mainly interested in old ones but have branched out into newer stuff.. I have become a bit addicted to Kickstarter at the moment and have back 60+ RPG's.. (inc Parsec above;) Literally my collection is huge but is broken up into the following:

    1) RPG items.. ie modules, core rule books etc.. I honestly haven't counted what I have but it has to be 6000+ of these (prob more)

    2) RPG magazines/zine.. mags like Dragon, , A&E's, zines from the UK like "The Beholder".. as long as it was printed and has RPG content in it I collect it.. prob have one of the best collection of the planet for this;) something like 4000+ individualy issues.. and still looking for the ones I'm missing..

    3) Aussie made RPG's.. I've collected a lot of the rpg's the were made in Australia.. still after a couple of older ones.. IF YOU ARE AUSTRALIAN AND ARE PRINTING A RPG GAME LET ME KNOW!!

    4) RPG Cover paintings.. Covers of TSR modules.. 1st-2nd edion stuff.. from artists like Easley, Caldwell.. etc.. no elmores yet.. I have about 50 of these.. the expensive side of my hobby..

    5) Game books.. neglected side of my collection, Fighting Fantasy type books, lone wolf etc.. a moderatly sized collection..

    6) Finally.."Living Campaigns".. things like Living Greyhawk, Living City, etc etc.. my only real collect of non-printed stuff as a lot of these were released only as PDF's.. I have an almost complete collection of Living Grewhayk stuff literally 2000+ modules.. but still missing some.. of course..

  • Howdy guys.

    I'm Rudy Johnson. Not much to say about me really. I'm 27 years old, still living with mommy and daddy. I've lived in Upstate New York for most of my life.

    I'd play pretty much any RPG once, even if it was dangerous. I'm the other half of Misery Tourism Games.

    I like to eat chicken.
  • 'Ey. I'm Jon Shepherd, and man are my arms tired. Wait, no, I meant to convey that I flapped my arms in order to fly to here. But on the other hand "here" is the internet, so it's kind of moot anyways.

    *ahem* Well.

    I'm a sixteen year old Mainer residing in Pittsfield, and hoping to reside just about anywhere else. I enjoy comics (print and web), linguistics (especially comp-linguistics), programming, coffee, and wizards. I've been interested in gaming much longer than I've actually been doing it. I have designed various RPGs/story games though I have yet to make them publicly available.

    Domi ccantom, b*tches.
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    My name is Adam. I am an artist and am lately working mostly in performance and video, involving music and games. Lots of challenge, game sensibilities juxtaposed against 70s style endurance performance and ambivalence about the roles of the artist and of documentation.

    I've run weekly games of hide and seek in the city I live in for several years, as well as creating games that were more clearly parts of my art practice. I ended up reading a lot of theory in the last couple of years, online and in books, and am really interested in the problematic narrative of the GM as author vs players as active agents which has caused so much strife in the RPG world, in relationship to my own role as a politically active artist and the dilemma of artist-as-educator. I love following big aesthetic arguments like that.

    Last year I attended a group residency in the mountains at Banff, hosted by some Icelandic artists, that was all about romance and the landscape and the absurdity of performance—to go along with the theme of going up The Magic Mountain, I suggested in my proposal that I would run an OSR D&D game in the studio. I haven't stopped since.

    Games are part of my artistic practice but most of them are better off if you don't start arguing about whether they are art or not so don't worry (I hate those arguments too much). Some exceptions may apply.

    I just moved back to Canada after a couple of years in Glasgow.

  • Let's see. I'm Ben. Demographically, I'm a single 30-year old white male. I dig dudes. I had to stop myself from going into more detail than you probably need to know about that last point. I live in south-eastern connecticut, but the only cons I've ever been to are over in the pacific northwest. I've got a bachelor's degree in linguistics with a concentration in psychology, which I'm completely wasting as a grave shift security dispatcher for one of the local tribal casinos. I work out 3 to 5 days a week, but my diet is horrible (OM NOM MAC AND CHEESE WITH BEER) so I haven't seen as much progress there as I'd like.

    My perfect day is warm erring on hot, overcast but not raining, and windy as all fuck. I'd still probably spend it inside, but I would definitely stick my head out of the door at least once or twice and think "Damn, this is nice weather" before going back to my computer to surf the internet.
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    I'm Lizzie, and I'm on the other side of 30, and I'm a book writer and journalist. I live in New Jersey.

    My first book, Leaving Mundania is a narrative nonfiction exploration of larp in the US and beyond. It comes out officially this Wednesday. It's how I got into gaming. I also do freelance journalism, and edit a small online literary magazine called Fringe. And I blog about gaming most Mondays.
  • I'm Marshall Burns. I'm 26. My first name is Daniel but I've never used it. I live in a small town in Oklahoma, where I carry heavy objects for a living at a lumberyard. I briefly attended art school but couldn't stomach the bullshit. I haven't been serious about art in years; music and game design have supplanted it among my creative drives.

    I designed the Rustbelt, and am currently working on an OSR-inspired game called Madlands (formerly known as MADcorp).

    Music is extremely important to me. I play a lot of instruments but am most skilled at the guitar. I listen to pretty much everything, but my favorites are weird stuff like Captain Beefheart and Tom Waits. It shows in my own compositions.

    Also, everyone who posted about being a musician should hit me up on G+.
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    • I'm Brian.
    • I'm 37 years old.
    • I have been gaming since I was 14, sometimes more, sometimes less.
    • I'm married, with a daughter on the way.
    • For work, I'm the communications director for a nonprofit that I think any self-respecting nerd could support.
    • My job takes up an increasingly large chunk of my mental and creative energy, so I don't do as much of the things I used to do, like play music.
    • I live in Alexandria, VA, outside of DC, in the lovely, quaint, painfully-expensive Old Town neighborhood.
    • I am white, straight, middle-class and a serious Democrat.
    • I prefer neatly-bulleted lists to all other formats.
  • Posted By: Noah DThis year IWILL:

    ...finish my Vietnam hack/reskin of 3:16.
    This sounds really interesting! The type of stuff that screams out for its own thread, to be presented and discussed.

    I am Tomas HV Mørkrid, born in -62, three children (9, 12 and 30), a wife, living in the suburbs of Oslo, Norway.

    I'm a footballer, tango-dancer, wilderness hiker, gardener, board-game player, cineast.

    I work as a writer, storyteller, lecturer, role-playing games designer, and professional games master. Yesterday I finished a book. I hope the publisher will take it. Have so many books and games to write, I need to get going with new projects now. I want to write more poetic neologisms!

    I never took a degree in anything; my life was too fucked up for such shit to happen. But nowadays my life is full of knowledge, insights, competences and engagement. And a few really good friends. My life has been the best of schools; a university of human conditions; tragedy, comedy, romance, all of it in full splendor.

    Life is all around us, and in us, painful, beautiful and pervasive.
  • I'm Connor (also Drake, also Dorian, take your pick), I'm 19 and living in London, UK (this is apparently an important distinction).

    • I'm a CompSci student at King's College London
    • I'm secretly from the Midlands
    • I collect watches, clocks and hats
    • I'm a second generation role-player, miniatures wargamer and game designer (my father did it all (and still does) before me)
    • I'm working on a lucid dreaming based role-playing game with a fellow member of my universities geek society which is approaching playtest time
    • My hair reaches my waist.
    • I'm building a coilgun in my spare time. I know what I'm doing, I'm sure of it this time.
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    I'm Lucas aka Tor. I'm 28 and live in Poland. I've been playing RPGs for some 14 years now.

    I work at Wikia as a programmer/manager/crisis response unit. ;)

    I took an English course in college, followed by ethnolinguistics (which, for the two years that I attended the course, is really a fancy way of saying "learn a funky language like Basque and some English").

    I am fascinated by languages and how they work (both natural and constructed), as well as the larger category of symbols and their connection to meaning. This lead me to my second great passion (apart from gaming) – heraldry.

    I also enjoy history and occasionally write haiku.

    For some reason – probably watching too much of Chronicles of Narnia AND Robin of Sherwood as a little kid – I am an Anglophile.

    I smoke a pipe, occasionally.

    Oh, and my last name is pronounced: gar-CHE-vsky. ;)
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    Hi, I'm Orlando. Sometimes people call me things that are not that. Mostly they call me that, though.

    I am 24 and almost finished my MA in Sociology at Concordia University in Montreal, QUEBEC, Canada. Currently, my thesis is like the metaphysics and methodologies of everyday material autoethnography or something similarly stupid. I have become increasingly interested in the shit that people carry around and the aesthetics thereof. I got my undergrad at the University of Victoria [Sociology Honours w/ Applied Ethics minor]. I wrote mostly about science + technology studies, anarchism, and the vagaries of social movements and counter-hegemony. Lately, due to my playing medic at the local protests and my father being a firefighter, I've been thinking about doing EMT coursework and giving up my lucrative career as a social pedagogue. My father's bedtime stories mostly involved recounting the day's traumas. So, already feel like a natural.

    I have lots of critical training in the kinds of [social justice] shit that we've been talking about here on the board the last few days. If you ever want some pointers or you want to ask an expert a question about that stuff, feel free.

    I play video games, so if you want to play Starcraft 2 or League of Legends with a fellow storygamer, let me know about that too.

    When I'm not doing those things, I'm dancing, taking pictures, writing poetry or short SF, reading, doing philosophy, sometimes I even manage a little TTRPGing.

    I'm originally from Vancouver, Canada.

    Oh: and I am on

    G+: Nathan Orlando Wilson
    Tweets: @stirnersspectre
    Instagram: spectres
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    Hi all, I'm Max.
    I was born thirtysomething years ago in Trento, northen Italy.
    When I'm not playing RPGs, Magic or other kinds of games, I like to travel the world, read, attempt to improve my crappy Japanese, and cook (well, actually I prefer eating to cooking, but let's say I enjoy doing both).

    You can find me on G+ as: Massimiliano Caracristi

    Happy gaming to everybody!
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    I'm Rp Bowman, a ne'er-do-well even by the not-so-rigid standards of gamers everywhere.
    I would be living in my parent's basement - if they had a basement ... Oh, and I posted on the old Who Are You Thread.

    At more-or-less 41 (probably by the time your read this) I have had so many jobs that I lost count, but I've been a (paid): Orderly in a Mental Hospital, Security Guard in a Government Hospital, Intern Newspaper Editor, Librarian, Call Center Operator, Guy-Who-Begs-You-For-Money, Cashier, Waiter, Designer, Ditch Digger, Car Detailer, Long-Distance Courier, Motor Courier, Do-Things-With-Access-and-Other-Databases-For-Us-Guy, TV Reporter, Landscaper, Houseman, Secretary, Answering Service Tech, Painter, Pretend Hitman, Payroll Clerk, Payroll Guard, Baker, Dishwasher, Stockboy, Layout Editor, Scriptwriter, Shipping Clerk, Actor and all for about 18 months a piece (on average.) I tend to panic and run if I'm not singled out as incompetent, first. Maybe the next job I get will be one where I do well enough day-by-day to stay in my boss' good graces and something where I can stick out the panic spells, but the odds are, frankly, against it.

    (Things I've volunteered to do include Soup Kitchens, Adult Literacy Programs, and just about anything that has to do with a library or books.)

    I graduated Cum Laude from some damn university or other in Southern Colorado, God, 15 years ago? More than that, it was 1993. Bachelor's in the Humanities. Been about as useful as mouldy cheese.

    I've also been a husband, an ex-husband, somebody's side action, somebody's main action, an adulterer, a cad and a "nice guy." I'm not proud of that last one and I think most vestiges of it have faded, but it often comes back to haunt me. Oddly, I wasn't anything interesting until I was an ex-husband.

    I have never acted in a porn film, but I am a fan of several actresses (including one who opened her own store in San Francisco and another who had a club in my home town) and am on a first-name basis with strippers, all of whom know more about superhero comics than me.

    I write games and give them away for free because, honestly, that's all I've been able to afford.

    (And my current roleplaying group includes players who consider themselves Fear Itself and the AntiChrist. Not sure what to make of that.)
  • I'm Tazio, mercenary illustrator, comic artist and graphic designer hailing from Padova (which the barbarians of the north call Padua), the cultural heart of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, now part of the Italian Republic and Europe.
    Before that I used to live in Japan for several years working in the comic industry. I speak five languages to various degrees, and I still like to delude myself by dressing the clothes of the sophisticate linguist.

    I haven't roleplayed in ages and I'm struggling to finish my RPG project about which people are tired of hearing me talk. It's called Beyond the Mirror. Here, some shameless self-advertising.
    I'm a voracious reader, mainly of science fiction and cyberpunk. My game originates from that love. There's not nearly enough cyberpunk in rpgs.

    I'm 31, single, and people think I'm a bear. Or a cat. Or a cat who ate a bear. And loves tea. And history. And is a compulsive bibliophile. And a beekeeper, occasionally.
  • Howdy! I'm Dylan Nix, and I'm terrible at introductions. I've taken my best shot at distilling the essential elements of myself to give the most accurate snapshot possible, however inaccurate that might actually be.

    I'm 25 years old, married to a wonderful lady who is (in no particular order) a geek, a fierce programmer, an amateur gardener, a visual designer, and a Settlers of Catan tournament player. I'm a technical writer by day, and I'm trying my hand at game design in my spare time. I live in the USofA; I used to live in Louisiana (Shreveport, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans), but now I live in California (Santa Clara and Sunnyvale).

    I enjoy:
    • games of all kinds
    • the works of Jim Henson
    • peanut butter, tasty bread, strong coffee, and very spicy food
    • good music
    • and the comedy of the Marx Brothers, Gary Larson, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, and Everything Is Terrible!

    I'm hoping to find some folks to play some of these highly praised story games so I can join in on the good conversations here. I'm not completely without experience, I just have far fewer games played than I would like to have. Looking forward to it!
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