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Never mind


  • No I want to know now!
  • Well.... that was a tease.
  • No. I won't ignore it. Hahahaha!
  • When I edited my original Convention Schedule post, it told me I had exceeded the maximum post length, then asked me to edit it. When I clicked Save, it posted a new message instead of editing the original, so there were two schedule threads: the original plus the new one with the edited first. So I just killed the new one and moved it to the Sandbox.

    But I ended up breaking down the original post into a bunch of messages in a single thread anyway.

    Satisfy your curiosity?
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    He's lying. I saw the post before it was deleted. He'd posted a brilliant RPG. Under 1500 characters in length, dice for governing human-to-human interaction, diceless for conflict resolution, two GMs at once (one to make the situation and run NPCs, one to act as the referee), and a one-line sample adventure.

    It was brilliant.

    Fortunately, Adam realized it was too brilliant: the world isn't ready for it. He erased it.

    Unfortunately, I saw it and can't even imagine playing anything else now.

  • Jerk! Now I have to post it.
  • Well, it is the only way I'll ever game again.

  • "I have discovered a truly marvelous mechanic for this, which this margin is too narrow to contain," eh?
  • Dray's Last Game Design
  • I can't ignore you Fred. You just put out a game I have to go buy. I won't be able to eat for a couple of days because I'm spending my grocery money but you can't get anything worth having without a few sacrifices. Besides, I have a few fat reserves I can run on for a while.
  • This reminds me of alt.stupid.

    Which I loved.

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