Fabricated Realities: June 15th-17th, 2012.

That's always the way it goes.

You have something, you find something good, and you want more of it. So you search, or maybe you even find a way to make it, and for a moment it's all falling into place and you're looking forward to things just being like this.

But even as we're hitting our stride, some unseen stone already lies in our path waiting to bring us low.

With a tentative and somehow apologetic joy in our hearts, we call out to you, everyone -


Come, join us in Olympia for a story-gaming convention where you will be cocooned in art, and where your tales and fictional characters can feel at home.

We, the three who brought it together once are gathering it again, in the same gentle warehouse in which it first found life. With a grim but hopeful smile, we entreat you -

Join us, for this, the final year of Fabricated Realities.

Now on the 15th-17th of June,
Olympia, Washington, USA.
Discounted pre-sale tickets available soon at www.fabricatedrealities.com
and at the Indie Hurricane booth at the Gamestorm convention.


  • Posted By: jackson teguthe final year of Fabricated Realities
  • Hmmm, let me think about it…


    Okay, sold.
  • Two weeks before GPNW. I'm dying here. In fact, I'm crying. Can you see the tears of regret?
  • Posted By: Caesar_XTwo weeks before GPNW. I'm dying here. In fact, I'm crying. Can you see the tears of regret?
    Yeah, this is me, too. I'm sure you guys are hard put for it time-wise, but this one's gonna be tough!
  • I know, my friends.
    Thank you for your strife, it indicates your passion!

    There are hard choices being made, so thank you for considering attending -
    If you're unable, then i'm sure we'll see one another soon enough.
  • Hey, can we actually use the labyrinth on the floor? Can I design a game that incorperates that?
  • please do. we'll make it happen.
  • Not only am I there, I am there to help.

    Presuming help is desired, that is.

  • My heart is going to break several times over this. Anyone from the Bay Area down for a road trip?
  • Ethan, isn't Carl Rigney from SF? He came last year and blew mah mind by running Lacuna for us.
  • Yea, I'll ask Carl the next time I run into him. I unfortunately ran Lacuna before I could play it with him, but I've heard really good things.
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    BTW you can fly for super cheap from the. bay area to bellingham,wa
    B-ham is about 3 hours from olympia, but you could stop in seattle on the way down and GPNW on the way back.

    Also sorry this ended up so close to GPNW, it was that weekend or nothing.
  • I'm in! It'll be a little tricky swinging this and GPNW so close together, but I had too great of a time last year to pass this up.
  • Same here.
  • The good news is, for Ben Wray and Joe McDaldno and other out of towners, having the cons close makes it easier to attend both. And really, who wouldn't want that?
  • does anyone want to watch the fabricated realities promo video?
  • Posted By: Ross Cowmandoes anyone want to watch the fabricated realities promo video?
  • Beat you to it.
  • Online Registration is open!
    Right now we have 43 full passes left, they are $35 if you get them before May 1st. If we sell out of those there is a possibility of opening up a second location about a block away.

    Special thanks to Orion Canning, Seth Vincent, Brian Fullerton, Jackson Tegu, Grace Ellis, Grace Duda, and Jay Loomis, for contribution their images and words.

    See you in June!
  • Argh, two weeks is right on the cusp of "too long to stay in a hotel between cons" and "almost sort of possible, actually". I imagine by the time I come to a decision all the passes will be sold out anyway, making it that much easier on me. Hurry and buy them so I don't have to, people.
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    you can camp in my yard. or, in the hoh rainforest, where they filmed the forest of endor.
  • !!! So excited. But also fearful that this sort of thing may come down to whether there's a carpool or not. Fingers crossed.
  • edited March 2012
    where do you live Ethan? /
    on NM you are in the bay. there are also cheap flights from the bay to bellingham, wa (about 4 hours north but accesible via grayhound or public transportation) via allegiant air
  • Yea - hoping to hear from other friends/locals about the interest in order to defray costs of transportation, but will definitely be in touch about camping out and so on if things come together.
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    Posted By: Ross Cowmanyou can camp in my yard. or, in the hoh rainforest, where they filmed the forest of endor.
    That rainforest is fuckin' amazing. Spend some time there when you come to FabReal, folks.
  • Heads up, tickets are $5 more expensive tomorrow.
  • Dude, you guys need to Sibylline Books that shit. Raise the price every day until the event.

    (yeah, to be technically accurate you'd have to keep the price the same but burn half of FabReal each day, but that seems… awkward)
  • double heads up there are only 14 full passes left. If we sell out I will see about getting more space.
  • Does someone want to run The Upgrade at Fabricated Realities? Let me clarify, "Will someone pitch The Upgrade, I want to play it." Also, if you have played The Upgrade, and you don't think Fabricated Realities is a good space for it, can you just come to my house sometime? Not June 15-17, though, because I will be at Fabricated Realities. Okay. Thanks. Bye.
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