Can we have fewer thread posts per page?

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Interesting discussions here quickly range into the hundreds of comments, and I don't have time to catch up all at once. The forum remembers which pages I've read, but at 80 posts per page, that can be way off. A much smaller number would make the forum's "what has he read" memory much more useful to me.

Doubtless there are other considerations. :-)


  • It would be super if we could set that number individually. I'd usually rather see the entire thread on the same page, for instance.
  • The forum actually keeps track of which posts were there the last time you opened the thread. While this doesn't help "catching up", you can easily open a thread and save it for later.

    Personally, I like having so many on one page, but being able to set it would be nice.
  • Yeah. I usually set the posts per page to be maximum when given the option. Having a ton of pages makes a thread harder to read, not easier.

    Instead, when I see a thread with 80 or 120 or whatever replies, I just avoid it. I don't have time to read all the responses and contribute meaningfully.
  • Hey all, unfortunately users being able to set their own post count isn't available on Vanilla; it just isn't built into the engine. Strange, because it seems that every other popular forum software allows you to set post count at the use level.

    I want to keep the Discussions-Per-Page count high, but yeah I'm willing to flex on the Comments-Per-Page. Maybe down to 50? I'll think about that.

  • Posted By: timonkeyPersonally, I like having so many on one page, but being able to set it would be nice.
    I agree. But since we can't set it ourselves, I'm happiest with lots and lots of posts per page. Clicking through is for chumps. :P
  • Give that I can right click on the red number and open up a new tab that jumps to the first unread message is more than adequate for me to keep track of where I am in a conversation. So, large post counts are not an issue.
  • Okay, I set the Posts-Per-Discussion count to 50 (from 80) for a while, let's see what happens.

  • Thank you, Andy!
  • 50 seems fine so far. I like that it's more than 10-20. I like that it's less than 80.
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