[Sagas of the Icelanders] Errata and discussion

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The purpose of this thread is to share all the weird, awkward and broken bits to:
1. help me make the game better and fix things before it moves forward
2. help people who intend running playtest to get over any hurdles they might have (I know a couple of people said they were going to run it)

I'm not really going to talk about the game as such, but I'll happily answer questions about it, if that comes up.

(If you don't already know about it, Sagas is essentially an Apocalypse World hack (at first it was going to be just a paint job, but down the line I had to delve deeper into it, the way Vincent talks in the first comment here). It takes place during the "saga period" of the settlement of Iceland. This week I released the playbooks and the MC sheet into the wild. There's a post with all the links on my blog here.)


  • So to start us off,
    1. Minor editing error: the first male move should read when you accept a physical challenge.
    2. I revised the winter comes to an end move shortly before publishing and bungled it up a bit. (A) The characters obviously should be able to pick moves from their own playbooks, which isn't clear from the text. (B) there should be an additional option that says "transfer your character to a new playbook".
    3. There is very little to no guidance about bonds. I realized this yesterday during our game. I'm working on that.
  • Posted By: TeataineMinor editing error: the first male move should read when you accept a physical challenge
    You know, I read past that not just the first time I looked at the documents, but after you pointed it out and I was actually looking for it, so either I'm a terrible reader or that's about as minor an error as minor gets. I'm leaning toward the former.
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    I just skimmed over this stuff, but noticed the first female move;

    When you lay with a man to conceive a child, gain a bond with them and roll+young.

    You're using ungendered language in a gendered context. It should read "him" instead of "them."

    Same with the third move:

    When you goad a man to action, roll +gendered. On 10+ they've got no choice, on a 7-9 they'll do it only if you promise something in return. If they're PCs it's their choice but their honour is in question if they don't.

    Should probably read:
    When you goad a man to action, roll+gendered. On a 10+, he's got no choice. On a 7-9, he'll do it only if you promise something in return. If he's a PC it's his player's choice but his honour is in question of he doesn't act.
  • Johnstone, it did not cross my mind that that was significant (English is kinda my third language, so...). Thanks.
  • No problem. It's kind of an odd detail. Usually the singular "they" is used to obscure gender, so you don't have to write out "he or she" or whatever.

    Personally, I think it's really weird and surreal to see/hear it used in a context where a specific gender is known or obvious, but people do it sometimes, like when a straight man says something like "the last person I dated, they used to do this thing..." I assume it will probably become more accepted in the future.

    Your written English is quite good, overall. I don't pick up any idiosyncrasies that are obviously hold-overs from another language pattern.
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    One custom move I'd like to see for the Woman playbook:

    Carrying On
    When your husband is away raiding, trading, or revenging for an entire season or longer, replace your custom moves with the custom moves in the Man playbook until he returns.

    The moves in the Woman playbook sorta work for this (very common in history and saga) situation, but not quite. It might be weird in play but I bet it'd work OK. Plus, it would be satisfyingly jarring when the husband returned and you no longer ran the farm or brought in the catch.
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