Podcasts as teaching tools? (help me find some good episodes)

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I run, and teach, a lot of different games to new people all the time. They are interested in learning some of the concepts behind narrative gaming, and I do not always have the time to do all that great of a job in the middle of a session. But many have expressed interest in podcasts, and I myself have learned a lot from the shows I have listened to over the years. But we are looking for something a little more specific.

Can you specify any particular episodes to point new "Story Gamers" toward?

On a related note:
Where can I download the Sons of Kryos?
The links here are dead, and I never found it on a torrent.


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    Two really good informational podcasts we did on Out of Character were:

    Teaching Roleplaying Games and Teaching Board Games. Listen to the board game podcast first. Actually a lot of the techniques there are useful for teaching roleplaying games too.
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    My brother Mel's podcast Virtual Play talks about small press "story games" a lot, highlighting either particular games (SOTC, Sorceror, Beast Hunters, Burning Wheel, e.g.) or rpg theory concepts (turtling, stances, Story Before) by using excerpts from actual play recordings.
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