[Blood in the Mist] Beta draft

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Over in the "Lifting a rock..." thread David Berg asked me if he could take a look at one of my games I mentioned. I realized I needed to clean up my draft before sending it to him and by the time I had done that I realized I could probably share it with everyone, so here it is.

It's a (slightly humorous, although that might not be immediately obvious) take on the gothic/mystery/horror/monster hunting genre in the vein of Sleepy Hollow, Brotherhood of the Wold and Brothers Grimm. I'm calling it a Beta, because it might be that more actual play (I just ran a little bit of it) will reveal some glaring flaw in the design, but if not I think it's pretty much a full, playable game.

You can get it here: Download, or over on my blog in the downloads section.

If someone plays it, I hope you have fun and let me know how it went!


  • I'm just glad there's still love out there for Brotherhood of the Wolf. I adore that movie.

    As for the game, I will read it, though I'm not particularly skilled at critical readings of game stuff. I can only tell you if it seems cool to me. It's already gotten points for the Brotherhood of the Wolf and Vidocq shout-outs.
  • On a quick once-over, it seems like a cool set of concepts, and seems well-executed. I'd enjoy playing it, I think, and would want to experience it in play to really be sure of it.
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