Game Buy/Sell/Trade Thread 2012

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Hey everyone! Haven't had one of these threads in a while. Post what you want to buy or sell or trade in this thread.

For me, I want to buy Fourth Edition D&D stuff really really cheap. The perfect seller is a twitchy consumerist who reads 100 5e-anticipation threads a day, someone who will mark the 4th Ed. stuff down to a ridiculously low number. Are you really going to ever play 4e again? Whisper me. I'll take it off your hands for cash.


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    I'm looking for 2nd edition Shadowrun. I'll pay for it if the price is right, or I'll trade (Rustbelt is on the table, also let me know other stuff you're interested in. I have a lot of PS2 games also that you might want).

    I'm also looking for RIFTS books.

    Not RPGs, but I have a few SNES cartridges (for trade only) that I have no use for anymore:
    The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past
    Zombies Ate My Neighbors!
    Samurai Shodown

    I got given an SNES during the weekend, so now I'm keeping these. And also interested in more, if anyone happens to have any.
  • I am looking to buy print versions of the following:
    In a Wicked Age
    3rd Edition Gamma World box set

    The following things for trade or sale:
    Doctor Who RPG - FASA version The box is in bad shape but the books are still in good condition. Includes one adventure plus the Doctor Who Technical Manual
    All Flesh Must Be Eaten - hardback, 1st printing
    Al-Qadim - Arabian Adventures - 2nd AD&D book. Covers have bent corners and such

    Other stuff too. I'll post more when I get back on Sunday.
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    I am looking for:
    A mint copy of the AD&D Second Edition Player's Handbook (cover image of guy on horseback, etc.)

    I have to sell or trade:
    4th Edition D&D Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual in slipcase and shrinkwrap.
    Star Wars (West End Games) and the Old Republic supplement
    Star Wars Saga Edition and the Old Republic supplement
    Tribe 8 and a few supplements
    First and Second Edition Exalted books
    Some Wraith books
    AD&D Second Edition Ravenloft stuff
    Whispering Vault
    + Some other stuff. WIll post a better list some time this week.
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    I am primarily interested in trade, rather than purchase. I take good care of my books, so all the books I have on offer are in very good condition, and I'd appreciate receiving same quality back.

    I have to offer
    * A lot of D&D 4e material (core set, plus PH2, DMG2, MM2 and MM3, Manual of Planes, Underdark book, Primal Powers, Undead book)
    * 3.5 core boxed set, plus 3.x boxed "races" set, plus additional 3.x creature books (MM2, MM3, FF, Liber Mortis, dragon book "Draconomicon?")
    * A nearly complete set of Star Wars Saga Edition books (I think there's only one or two books missing)
    * Aria (core book and the worlds book)
    * Dune: Chronicles of the Imperium (rare-ish LUG edition)
    * New World of Darkness, core rules, Vampire, Werewolf, Mage core books, Ghost Stories, Antagonists, Mysterious Places, Hunting Ground:Rockies, Predators (I think)
    * Dark Heresy core book (FFG)
    * A large number of GURPS Traveller books (listing them all here will take some time)
    * Ars Magica Fifth Edition core book
    * Serenity core rulebook

    I would like
    * Ashen Stars core book and Dead Rock Seven
    * Mutant City Blues core book
    * Trail Of Cthulhu books: Bookhounds of London, Shadows Over Filmland
    * Hardcopy set of several Paizo adventure paths: Serpent's Skull, Carrion Crown, Jade Regent (interested primarily in a complete set of six for each)
    * Hardcopy of two EABA books: Warp World and FIres of Heaven pair of books
    * A complete-ish set of Apocalypse World additional playbooks
    * GURPS Magic supplement, last version of it compatible with GURPS 3rd edition (interest, but pretty low interest)
    * BRP Rome (Alpehtar games)
    * Legend core rulebook and Age Of Treason RQII/Legend campaign book (Mongoose)
    * Empire of Ghouls (OpenDesign project)
    * Six Arabian Nights (OpenDesign project)
    * Ptolus core hardcover book
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    I have a complete-ish set of playbooks I'd trade you for a bit of 3.5 stuff or a bit of NWoD.
  • I have a whole lot of 7th Sea stuff, the four Edge of Midnight books, and Requiem for Rome and Fall of the Camarilla for Vampire: The Requiem. Oddly, I'm primarily interested in cash, although I suppose someone willing to come to our apartment in Queens, NYC and construct a book case over my dresser would be worth most, if not all, of the stack, plus the two boxes of non-rpg books below it. Why yes, yes I do need more shelf space.
  • Hey Viktor, I'd love to get a copy of that Dune game. I never heard that it was all that great, but I love me some Dune.

    All in near-mint condition, unless otherwise noted.
    All three 4e core rulebooks
    The new 4e D&D Red Box, all but unopened
    Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition
    Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple

    I will gladly trade any of these fine games for any other fine game that I do not already possess.
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    Oh, I've got a slightly dog-chewed (no text is damaged) Serenity RPG that I'll trade for stuff. Preferably RIFTS stuff.
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    Looking to re-home:
    Issues 1-10 of Fight On! ($40 +ship)= a bonus module included.
    Doctor Who AiTaS ($20)
    A big ol' box of Clone Wars prepainted plastic minis ( various main characters, clone troopers, various baddie battledroids, and weirdo aliens) plus some useful maps for the same. More useful generally for RPGs or non-WotC wargaming. Hit me back for a more detailed list. (Let'snegotiate!)

    Looking for:
    Cash by Paypal always works.
    Some late-ish edition of CoC (non-d20).
    Fiasco Companion
    Minis (1860s to 1950s) and terrain usable with those. Pre-built Paper terrain totally acceptable.
    GW Legends of the High Seas or The Great War rule books.
    Last Night on Earth Supplements or other geeky boardgames.
  • I would love to purchase any hard copies of Bliss Stage in reasonable condition.
  • I'd love one of those, Ben. Nothing against the PDF, but I love me a dead-tree book.
  • Hmmmm. Remember that I'm in Australia and postage is a bit excessive, but I have the boxed set of Elfquest (based on Runequest) with few supplements. the boxed ed of Judge Dredd from Games Workshop. Ars Magica 5th, Traveller (new Era) Deluxe Boxed set and the ist ed. GURPS basic rulebook that all need new homes!
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    Looking for the Kwaidan that Tim Kleinert and Josh Newman put out (in 2006?) - Have cash if that's the best option?

    Have for trade/sell
    Carry: A game about war
    Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple
    On the Ecology of the Mud Dragon
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    Carry: A game about war
    Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple
    On the Ecology of the Mud Dragon
    Are you looking to buy or sell these?
  • Sell.
    Fixed my comment, sorry.
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    Well, uh, I'm selling these:

    Dungeons and Dragons 3.X:
    - Tome and Blood
    - Defenders of the Faith
    - Song and Silence
    - Book of Challenges
    - Enemies and Allies
    - Map Folio 1 & 2
    - Psionic Handbook
    - Dragon Lance Campaign Setting
    - Oriental Adventures
    - Monster Compendium: Monsters of Faerun
    - Leather-bound D&D 3.5 Player’s Handbook

    Vampire: the Dark Ages:
    - Vampire: the Dark Ages Companion
    - Vampire: the Dark Ages
    - Book of Storyteller Secrets
    - Clanbook: Cappadocian
    - Clash of Wills
    - Constantinople by Night
    - Transylvania by Night
    - Three Pillars
    - Libelis Sanguinis

    Werewolf: the Apocalypse/Wild West
    - Litany of Tribes Volume 2
    - Rage Across the Amazon
    - Book of the Wyrm Second Edition
    - Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes
    - Axis Mundi: The Book of Spirits
    - Hengeyokai
    - Wendigo Tribebook
    - Uktena Tribebook
    - Silent Striders Tribebook
    - Nuwisha x2
    - Shadow Lords Tribebook
    - Red Talons
    - Black Furies Tribebook
    - Silver Fangs Tribebook
    - Gurahl
    - Corax
    - Book of the Weaver
    - Subsidiaries: A Guide to Pentex
    - Ratkin
    - Stargazers Tribebook
    - Glass Walkers Tribebook
    - Ghost Towns (W:tWW)
    - Book of The Wyrm
    - Caerns: Places of Power
    - Mokolé
    - The Werewolf Player’s Guide
    - Umbra: The Velvet Shadow
    - Werewolf: the Wild West
    - Ananasi
    - Nagah
    - Bastet
    - Rokea
    - Werewolf Storyteller’s Handbook
    - Werewolf: the Apocalypse 2nd
    - Freak Legion
    - Frontier Secrets (W:tWW)
    - Litany of the Tribes Vol. 1
    - The Wild West Companion
    - Ways of the Wolf

    Various Old World of Darkness:
    - The Thousand Hells (KotE)
    - Changeling: the Dreaming (First Edition) x2
    - Kindred of the East
    - Kindred of the East Companion
    - Hunter: the Reckoning
    - World of Darkness: Midnight Circus
    - World of Darkness: Outcasts: A Player’s Guide to Pariahs
    - World of Darkness: Gypsies
    - Vampire: the Masquerade (Second Edition)
    - Changeling Player’s Guide
    - Changeling Book of Storyteller Secrets
    - World of Darkness: Combat
    - Mage: the Ascension (First Edition)
    - The Autumn People
    - World of Darkness: Hong Kong

    Stargate SG-1
    Stargate: Living Gods

    Exalted: The Sidereals
    Exalted: The Dragon-Blooded
    Exalted: The Autocthonians
    Exalted (First Edition)
    Caste Book: Eclipse
    Exalted: The Abyssals
    Exalted: The Fair Folk

    L5R 2nd: Secrets of the Scorpion
    Legend of the Five Rings 2nd Edition Player’s and GM’s Guide
    L5R 2nd: Secrets of the Mantis

    D20 Modern Weapons Locker
    D20 Modern Future Tech
    D20 Modern Critical Locations

    Spycraft (First Edition)
    Villains Unlimited
    Dreaming Cities
    AD&D Player’s Option: Combat & Tactics
    Rigger 3
    Demon City Shinjuku
    Prime Directive
    Chromebook 4
    Tenchi Muyo
    Sailor Moon
    Rifts Underseas
    Mutants and Masterminds (First Edition)
    Heroes Unlimited
    Shadowrun Companion (Second Edition)
    The Babylon Project
    Creatures of the Night: Horror Enemies (Champions)
    Champions: New Millennium Alliances
    Rifts World Book Three: England
    Rifts Conversion Book

    I haven't decided on any prices yet. If you want something, let me know and we can figure it out.
    Posted By: Ben LehmanI would love to purchase any hard copies of Bliss Stage in reasonable condition.
    Ben, I have a copy of Bliss Stage somewhere that you can straight up have for the cost of shipping it from Australia. Ignition Stage, I think. I still really want to play that game but I haven't got any players for it at the moment and I'm not sure when I will.
  • Shotty Stargate.
  • Ben I have a better idea: Make a new print version of Bliss Stage available via Kickstarter. I WANT to give you my money.
  • @David Pidgeon. Why don't you deal directly with UserClone (Joseph.) He's who I would sell it to anyway.
  • Posted By: UserCloneOooooo...! :)
    I'll throw it in with those Stargate books at no extra cost if you still want them and if you don't I'll send you Bliss Stage for the cost of postage.
  • I should add that I'm in Australia so postage could be tricky. I totally blanked on mentioning that earlier, sorry!
  • I'm basically working on: You pay postage plus, I dunno, $10-$15 a book. A bit more if they're big fancy books. Or I'm up for trades if you have something AWESOME.
  • Warning: if you're in the US, postage might punch you in the wallet. But it can still be worth it. :)
  • PayPal'd! Can't wait for Bliss Stage! :)
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    Yay I'm glad that ended happily with no involvement from me.

    Offer's still open for other people's Bliss Stages, though (I will pay near cover price, or cover price, depending on condition, for your hardcopies.)
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    I wasn't clear, I'm looking more for trade than straight sell.
    I have located a copy of Kwaidan, which I'm totally excited about. Thank you!

    Looking for

    Serial Homicide Unit

    Still have:
    Mouse Guard
    Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple
    On the Ecology of the Mud Dragon
    Carry: A game about War
  • Can we keep side conversations to whispers, please?
  • Bump for great trading/selling justice
  • In the process of initiating "Play games with other games month," I ended up digging up a lot of stuff. Is anyone interested in:

    D&D 3.5 corebooks (some ugly highlighting in one section of PHB)
    The Dungeon Survival Guide

    Decipher Lord of the Rings RPG
    Fell Beasts and Wondrous Magic

    Vampire the Masquerade 2nd Edition

    Champions 4th edition (missing front cover)

    The Godsend Agenda

    Kingdoms of Kalamar (missing map)

    Act quickly, because they may find homes in local bookstores soon! Or don't act all, if these are not objects that would increase your joy.

  • This is probably an off-chance, but I have extra copies of the Planescape Monstrous Compendiums 1 + 2.

    $20? or an interesting trade.
  • I've dropped my box of stuff off at the local game store for sale (except Champions, which someone whispered me about. But I have to wait about a week while they do research and assess value. So if anyone's dying to have one of these fine gaming products, speak up soon!

    I'd love to trade, depending on what you've got.
  • Bump for even more selling/trading justice.
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    Good call.

    For sale, maybe for trade:

    Inn-Fighting D&D Dice game. (This is a terribly explained game; part of the fun for me was figuring out what the hell they meant. To figure my "win: yes/no?", i called D&D victim services & the guy told me a) they don't support it anymore, but b) he was personally familiar & that yes, i was right. Yay!)

    Spirit of the Century hardback signed by fred, leonard & rob. Pretty much mint, i keep my books ship-shape. (Being discussed)

    Seven Four Two One copies of Prince Valiant the storytelling game, a weird proto-story-game indie-rpg-esque outsider-art feeling thing. Published by chaosium, so no bonus cred points there, but totally a fun lark & has been awesome for my creative inspiration. All copies are pretty much mint.

    Grimm, great art, never played, near mint. The text block always falls open to one spread which means the spine has some damage; but that happened in the store before i bought it & it was the only copy they had. Sigh. (Being discussed)

    For the collectors...
    I have interim / early / preview copies of some games which i no longer have need for.

    Dogs in the Vineyard first printing, number 120 of 150, slimmer than the more recent edition with less advice. Has been carried in a few bags in its time, spine-side corners a little rounded, but otherwise quite fine. (Being discussed)

    Annalise interim edition, in near mint condition. Not certain what changes have been made in the now-available final edition. (Being discussed)

    Apocalypse World preview edition, some different advice from the now-available final edition; mine is mint. Also includes the original little booklets for the character playbooks, we're talking pre-trifold technology here. (Being discussed)

    I'm not desperate but i have an interest in paying the rent next month.
    Make offers; if no one bites, i'll put in some prices.
  • $25 sounds great, and yeah, I can definitely wait until you're down here. Talk to you later!
  • Bump for ever increasing great buy/sell justice.
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    So here's a thing I just realized: my trading stock always includes my own game, the Dreaming Crucible. If this is a thing that interests you, let's talk.

    My current wishlist:

    Steal Away Jordan
    Apocalypse World (final version, to replace the one I lost, boo hoo!)
    Baron Munchausen (especially the hardcover)
    It's complicated
    A Taste for Murder
    Dirty Secrets
    Love in the time of Seið
    Norwegian Style

    Looking strictly at retail prices, the Crucible is of lesser value than most of these, but we can negotiate if that's an issue.

  • If you have a limited collectors edition of Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition (the leather bound, silvered edge one) you are willing to part with, give me a whisper.
  • I got a copy of Burning Empires to unload.
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    fuuuuuck i am so bad at internet
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    I'd like to get a hard copy of Prime Time Adventures. I don't think I have much to trade for it, so how about PayPal?

    edit: Got my copy! Thanks!
  • I would love one too, if anyone else has a copy.
  • No you can sell it to him. I don't want to start a bidding war. ;)
  • I've got a bunch of indie games. I live in Oakland. I will give one to you if you promise to play it. You have to make it easy for me to get it to you. I'm going to keep my Burning stuff and Lamentations for now though.
  • Looking mostly to trade rather than sell.

    Stuff I have for Trade:
    Planescape Campaign Setting Boxed Set (Missing maps, but otherwise complete)
    Planescape: Well of Worlds
    Cold City (Original version)
    Reign Enchiridion
    Castles & Crusades Player’s Handbook (1st Printing)
    Arcane Power for 4e
    Forgotten Realms Players Guide for 4e
    Mutants & Masterminds pocket player’s guide
    Kult corebook (1st ed. I THINK. There is a weird printing error in a section of the equipment chapter where every other page is blank. I have printed out and inserted copies of the missing pages from a pdf.)
    Kult Metropolis Sourcebook
    Hackmaster Basic
    Scion Demigod
    Alternity PH

    Stuff I am looking for:
    Dreaming Crucible
    Dark Sun Campaign Setting boxed set for AD&D 2e.
    Dirty Secrets
    Colonial Gothic Revised
    Unknown Armies One Shots
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    EDIT: Put it all on eBay.
  • Does that include anything D20, or specifically D&D? Like, would Grimm (the first version) or Star Wars Saga Edition not count?
  • Posted By: UserCloneDoes that include anything D20, or specifically D&D? Like, would Grimm (the first version) or Star Wars Saga Edition not count?
    There may be D20 products that I would be willing to trade on. If you have something specific in mind hit me up in a whisper.
  • Wait, my friend. Just wait. About four months from now, I will necro this thread and blow it wide the fuck open. For right now though, I'm living on the road and all my stuff is in a storage unit. I definitely remember that I have Testament, which is D20 in biblical times, as well as a Rome one, and Slaine D20.
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    What I want:

    Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple

    What I have to trade or sell

    Dogs in the Vineyard
    Usagi: Yojimbo
    Throwing Stones Fantasy
    Tales from the Floating Vagabond
    TFTFV: The Reich Stuff
    TFTFV: Bar Wars

    I have limited Internet access at this time, so it's best to email me instead of whisper:


    Also have these:
    Serendipity's Circle Sept/Oct 1996 & Summer 1996
    Crunchy Frog Duel
    Crunchy Frog Critter Commandos plus Compendium
    Crunchy Frog Kill Everything
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