Connecticon - Anyone here gone / going?

Has anyone here gone to Connecticon? Is anyone going?

Sell me on Connecticon!


  • I'm from CT, but I've never been to any con, ever, of any sort. So I guess I bring nothing to the table in that case.

    (Move on people, nothing to see here.)
  • We went last year.

    We may help run RPGs this year.

    The RPG track is very small. The seminars are fun. The dealer hall is surprisingly big. The boardgame area is nice. The convention center is excellent. The cosplay events are hilarious. It's primarily a cosplay convention drawing around 7,000 people, mostly teenagers and early 20s. I would guess less than 100 people go for RPGs. But I've seen several cosplayers give RPGs a try for the first time which is a delight.

    Last year Eppy, Emily, Luke, Jared, Rob, Joshua, Terry, Jim, Keren, and I went.
  • Posted By: jenskotLast year Eppy, Emily, Luke, Jared, Rob, Joshua, Terry, Jim, Keren, and I went.
    That's almost enough cool people to make me want to go.

    Just kidding. It sounds kinda fun.
  • Gaming is not the highlight but it doesn't seem too hard to get hotel space for running games (at least last year). For us, it's also 20 minutes from Terry's parents house, so it's a joint "visit the family" trip.
  • There will be Marvel Heroic Roleplaying at ConnectiCon this year! James Carpio's helping to organize it. If you're keen, you could connect with him. Get it? Connect? Oh, man. Long week already.

  • James is awesome. He's part of NerdNYC and we might organize the ConCon RPG track together. I definitely need to bring up the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying with James as we're currently talking launch party scheduling with 2 local stores. Exciting!

    Marvel could be an amazing opportunity for ConCon if framed from a "Marvel vs. Capcom 3" video game perspective. Out of the 7,000 cosplay costumes, Deadpool was without a doubt the #1 costume we saw. Often worn by people who don't read Deadpool comics but play Marvel vs. Capcom. I'm not sure how to use this but worth thinking about.
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