Who's in Toronto?

I know at least a couple of you hail from Toronto and the general area around it. I'm new to the city (just started a PhD researching this online community) and wanting to make a few friends and play some games.

Graham (formerly from London, Canada)


  • Try the Toronto Area Gamers

    (I am in Toronto but my gaming has declined precipitously)
  • I have business in the Markham area with some regularity, usually 4-5 nights at a time, every 5-6 weeks or so. I have huge blocks of time in the evening with nothing to do.

    Anyone interested in getting together for dinner some time? No gaming required.

    If we DO game, it can be at my hotel, or I can drive wherever. I generally have a hotel suite with a mini-kitchen and a comfortable couch and chairs for gaming for around 4 people. There's no big-ass table for a battlemap or other D&D 4e-style gaming, but there's sufficient room for indie gaming (or even OSR-style gaming with no battle map).

    And I am happy to GM stuff! I have games that are just fine for me and one other player (Murderous Ghosts!) or for three+ players. Two players plus a GM is plenty fun for a lot of games.
  • Hi! I'm also in Toronto. Most of my gaming is just with my one bi-weekly group, of which Ry is a part, but I'm often up for one-shots, given that I can fit them into my schedule. As Ry stated, definitely check out Toronto Area Gamers.

  • I'm also in Toronto, and would love to meet some of you folks. I live in the downtown and have a busy but fairly flexible schedule.

    If a few of you want to get together sometime, I would definitely join in.

    How long are you around for, Adam?
  • Another Toronto PhD student here - Communication & Culture at York, studying games and culture (mostly video games) among other things. Where are you studying? I would be very curious to know more about the angle you're taking on this online community in your research! (By which I assume you mean Story-Games? Or the indie/small-press RPG community in general?)
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    PS - Toronto folks interested in games might also be interested in this video game / art thing tomorrow night: http://www.mrghosty.net/
  • Cool!

    I'm a PhD student at the U of T, as well. (But my research has nothing to do with games whatsoever.)
  • I also am in Toronto but pretty booked up for gaming (weekly Warhammer), a bit freer for stuff in summer. As Ry and Mike say, TAG is a good place to start finding like minded gamers.
  • I was in Toronto last week and will probably be back in Toronto in early March. I'm back in Maryland at the moment.
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    I'm up for gaming, but nothing too complex rules-wise, because I had aphasia due to stroke. That means no D&D, no L5R, nothing of the sort until I get a bit further on in my recovery, but I'm up for story games, provided that the stories are simple ones. I have all evenings free except Sundays and Thursdays. It's possible to get me out for some afternoons, too, but I find that most groups can't meet in the afternoon.

    I'm studying the story games community for my PhD (Communication and Culture at Ryerson), so if I haven't run into you yet, Felan, maybe I will soon.
  • Ha! Awesome - at this point I should just assume people are in ComCult until I'm told otherwise, there's so many of us.
  • Graham,

    I'd love to hear more about your research. There is a group of gamers who get together occasionally on Wednesday evenings at Ryerson, and I don't live too far away. What days do you come to the school? Are you ever in that neighbourhood, or do you do most of your work elsewhere?
  • I'm at Ryerson a lot, but I thought the night for gamers to meet was Thursday (room AB in Oakham house)? Actually, I can make it both Wednesday and Thursday evening. We can talk about my research then, and maybe get a game going. If we're meeting on Wednesday, how does the cafeteria in JOR, around 6pm, sound?

    Adam, your hotel idea sounds good. Let me know when you'll be in Toronto and I'll see if I'm available.

    I'm currently a part of the Toronto Area Gamers, but I haven't been able to make it out for any games yet. Looking forward to meeting all of you.
  • I don't know Ryerson real well, so I'll say "yes" tentatively, and get back to you! The time and place sounds pretty good.
  • I'm in Hamilton, about a stone's throw away from Toronto, if you're a really strong ogre with a well-balanced, aerodynamic stone.

    I'm also a TAG member, though I mostly get to game with fellow TAGers at local conventions. We run our own community group centred on Hamilton-and-surroundings at http://www.hammergames.org. We also run a game convention, HammerCon, with a big RPG component in which a large subset is story games and independently designed games. It's on at Nov 2-4 this year. The weekend thereafter, I understand TAG is running an indie minicon in Toronto which I also hope to attend.

    It'd be fun to play with you all!
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    I'm hoping to return to Toronto in September for a few days of gaming.

    Toronto is one of my favorite places to game and one of the places I would consider living if I ever left NYC (which is unlikely as I love it here). For me, Toronto is up there with Portland (Oregon), London, Philly, Chicago, Austin (Texas), San Francisco, and a few other gamer havens.
  • Where in Toronto do you get your game on, John? I mean, with local friends, or in a more public space in a pick-up atmosphere?
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    I've gamed with local friends, but I love gaming in public, at stores, at cons, libraries, parks, bars, cafes, anywhere. Usually half the reason I go to Toronto is to see Paul T above! But I couldn't make it up there the last 2 years. I also would like to visit Hamilton at some point. One of my former bosses and friends who works for Apple in Toronto lives there.

    Plus some of the best gamers in NYC originally lived in Toronto. I think I may have a bias towards liking gamers from Toronto!
  • I have a an Apocalypse World game running at full steam.

    I also have a Heroquest game set in the fantastical world of Glorantha.

    I am running a few sessions of a game where the characters are protagonists in a semi-mythical struggle against a huge empire.

    Players come up with a freeform 100-word description of the character and we build the abilities of that character out of that. Moreover, opposition and challenges from the game master are based on those 100 words.

    I am going to be running 1 session of the game on February 1 at 7:30 pm in Ryerson.

    If you are interested, please check out:
    ... my description of the game: http://www.torontoareagamers.com/messages/boards/thread/19246822#63690032
    ... an overview of the kind of conflicts that will arise: http://www.torontoareagamers.com/messages/boards/thread/19633572/10#65410312
    ... a background of the world: http://moondesignpublications.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/ISS2002-sample-1.pdf

    Hope to game with you some time,

  • Erik is a badass GM. Do not miss.

  • Posted By: RyErik is a badass GM. Do not miss.
    Very true!
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    I'll be there, if only to watch and talk, provided that it's taking place on the Wednesday, February 8th. The day you specify (the 1st) is already past.
  • Posted By: madunkiegI'll be there, if only to watch and talk, provided that it's taking place on the Wednesday, February 8th. The day you specify (the 1st) is already past.
    The secret to Erik's GMing prolificity is that he exists on a different space-time continuum than the rest of us.
  • It was nice to meet you, Graham!

    I hope to run into you again soon.
  • Posted By: RyErik is a badass GM. Do not miss.

    Ahhh, I'm blushing!

    Sadly, the only thing I have been thinking about since getting back in the hobby around 2001 is GM-ing.

    It is getting really hard for me to just play.
  • I'm planning to be in town March 18-23. I should have a free evening or two (and a small hotel suite in Thornhill) midweek. I'm up for dinner, gaming, and whatever else but I need to plan a little in advance. Who's up for some company?
  • Shucks, Adam. I'll be out of town for most of that period.

    I'm around on the 18th, though. Will you have any free time that day, and, if so, when?
  • Probably flying in late the 18th, so no.
  • Ah, well, next time!
  • Trip dates changed. Arriving late Sunday, March 25. Leaving Friday, March 30.
  • I will have either an Apocalypse World game or Heroquest/Glorantha during that week.
  • Okay, one last time. I'll be in Toronto (rather, Markham) next week, and available to socialize Monday through Thursday evenings after 6 or so.

    I have 13th Age and would love to playtest it. Or just have dinner with new or old faces. Chat or whisper me here or hit me up on Gmail (adamdray there, too).
  • My next scheduled trip to Markham is the week of May 9. I'll arrive late Sunday night and vamoose on Friday evening. I'm there for work so I'm occupied during the days till about 6. On the 9th itself, I have a brief evening appointment at Pearson Airport for my Nexus application and retina scan (cool in a Big Brother sort of way, no?).

    Anyone available other evenings?
  • I like Toronto so much that every time I see this thread bumped I get excited.

    I hope to be there September 7-9th for the 28th Annual Vegetarian Food Festival. It's not guaranteed yet.
  • Adam Dray,
    I'm available every evening except Wednesdays. Heck, I'm available during the day, too, but scheduling a group during the day can be a bit difficult, so...

    let us know when you're available as the date grows closer. My availability will be changing in September.

    On alternate Wednesdays I'm playing Apocalypse World (joining something already in progress) and Shock (just starting myself via http://www.torontoareagamers.com/ ).
  • Do any of you, or do you know, any good gamers who like to play Apocalypse World, live closer to Kitchener/Waterloo and looking for a group?
  • I'm equidistant from both Toronto and K-W (Burlington) and I'm from K-w to begin with. Try the U(W) and WLU gaming/SF clubs, the U(W) Math Student Society/Comfy Lounge, and J&J Cards. Those were the hubs.
  • I'm in Toronto, downtown, near Ryerson University.
  • I'm in Toronto too, however I'm also limited in the whole when/where I can play stuff too in that I work odd hours and have a million things on the go.

    However, I'm looking forward to Hammercon, if you're in the Toronto area you should really check it out.
  • I'm gonna try to book a Sunday-Friday trip up to Markham at the end of August. Any weeks good or bad for people? =)
  • Okay, I'm officially in Toronto (Richmond Hill / Markham) next week, Mon-Thu. Who's up for dinner, drinks, or dice?
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