[Apocalypse World] Shadowrun Hack ?

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I see there is a lot of similarities between shadowrun archetypes and AW playbooks. And the more low-life side of SR setting (the Barrens ) could give a great harsh and scarcity-based environment.

Do this hack exist? If not, what advice you would give?



  • I think there's at least a couple Shadowrun-inspired hacks in the works. There's also John's excellent sheets for a Mouse Guard hack for shadowrunners.
  • I'm working on a cyberpunk mission-based heist action hack called CyberWorld. It started as a port of Shadowrun but now it's more generally based on Gibson with plans to make Cyber-Fantasy add-ons. It's more about the missions and inevitable corporate betrayal than low-life scarcity, so I usually describe it as a hack of Apocalypse World and Dungeon World.

    There is at least one other another cyberpunk hack that I know of in the Barf Forth hacks sub-forum Source Code which also looks pretty cool and approaches the subject from a much more personal angle than my game.
  • I posted some thoughts about hacking AW to exist in the Sixth World; however, my idea was more about shadowrunner's contacts than shadowrunners themselves. Idea has never gone anywhere.

    There is also a post about Magicpunk Oddjobers in the Not-Too-Distant-Future which smells Shadowrun-like, but doesn't mention it by name.
  • We just played gritty gang Shadowrun using the AW rules and some reflavouring like Brainer = magic. Posted an AP about it at some point last year, which I linked to in an rpg.net thread of the same idea. Will try and find the link when I get a chance.
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