[Fiasco] I want crooked cops – recommend a playset!

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I'm going to drag a friend to a game night tomorrow, and I think Fiasco would be a good game for her. Or maybe I'm just keen on playing it myself? Well, whatever the reason, I thought I'd just ask if you have any recommendations for playsets for someone with a craving for a crooked cop or two?


  • Maybe Jim Pinto's playset? Alternately you can build police corruption on any scale into many playsets - Main Street, Suburbia, Flyover, Jersey Side, LA 1936 most obviously - just articulate that goal before the setup.
  • Oh man. Now I want a Fiasco playset based on the film 16 Blocks.
  • What Jason said. If you state expectations up front, a lot of the playsets can include crooked cops. All it takes is the proper setting of expectations prior to play.
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    Nice Southern Town has some bad cops in its Relationships. If you're looking for a whole playset that's Bad Lieutenant, Rush, Da Vinci's Inquest, etc, you might want to roll your own. Unless I beat you to it, because that sounds hot.

    EDIT TO ADD: The Departed, Infernal Affairs, the Herzog film, Serpico.
    EDIT AGAIN TO ADD: Brian Curtis, from Da Vinci's Inquest, is my favorite dirty cop ever.
  • I'd bet Horse Fever would be fun with some crooked cops.
  • It might be a transatlantic cultural difference, but it's Gangster London for me if you want crooked cops.
  • If you replace cop with sheriff/deputy you could use Boomtown too.
  • Doh! I'd completely forgotten about Jim’s Dirty Cops. That’s perfect for a heavy dose of course.

    Main Street aka Nice Southern Town does sound like a good choice too. I haven’t played it yet and I think it might be the right time for it. :)
    Posted By: Nathan H.If you replace cop with sheriff/deputy you could use Boomtown too.
    True! I’ve only been an (ex-)bandit in Boomtown, but that session ended up such a tragedy (in a good way!) that I hadn’t considered going back there yet.

    Thanks a bunch everyone for taking the time!
  • I hear there were a few dirty cops in 1963-era Dallas.
  • Jim's Dirty Cops is awesome. We played 70s style with the Beastie Boys Sabotage as theme music. I'll definitely play it again.
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