Fight On!: Hardcovers, Freebies, and Super Sales!

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Well, I originally put this in Stuff to Watch, but a respected board member whispered that I should put it in a directed promotion thread, so here goes:


For the first time in a year and a half, the Fight On! limited edition hardcovers are available. These only get released once, and then they are gone forever - we will never release these collections with these covers again. They also happen to be great for at-the-table gaming! Priced at $39.99 each, these are awesome keepsakes to collect or enjoy at the table. Each collects four issues: #1-4, #5-8, and #9-12; if you buy all three and pick up issue #13 in print you'll have the whole run! Check them out:




These are available through February 20 and then they will be gone forever, so don't delay!

For those of you new to Fight On! or just trying to fill out your collection on the cheap, we have some additional deals to offer. Issue 5 of our famous fanzine is now FREE in PDF:

as is our well-reviewed fantasy fiction collection, Roll the Bones:

So feel free to check those out and pick up print copies if you are so inclined!

In addition, we have placed ALL regular-sized issues of Fight On! (#2, #5, #7, #8, #11, and #12) on SALE for $8.99 as opposed to the usual price of $9.99.

FINALLY, is offering two AWESOME coupons right now that will help you save big $ on your order if you act soon:

SECONDHALF, good through January 15, is a buy one, get second for 50% off coupon - good enough to save you $20 if you buy two hardbacks.

LULUBOOK305, good through January 31, gets you 25% off your entire order, which is actually as good or better than the previous deal depending on what you order.

So! To collectors, completists, and those who prefer the firm feel of hardbacks at the gaming table: enjoy! And to those who want to check out the fanzine for the first time or fill out their collection: there's never been a better time! And to all gamers, no matter what RPG you play: Fight On!



  • Also, we're always looking for submissions, if you have anything you'd like to submit!
  • Ah, I've been waiting for new hardbacks! I bought the first eight issues in hardcover, and I'm so pleased with the format that I've been waiting for more before getting new issues.

    (For those who don't know, I can say after pretty comprehensive reading and research that Fight On! is the hottest thing that OSR has going for it - especially considering price vs. content it wrestles in its own weight-class.)

    As for submissions, Ignatius has mine, and I have solid plans for more if and when there's particular need. I've come upon a multitude of worthwhile topics in my on-going campaign.
  • Awesome, Eero! We should have news for you about whether we can get what you sent in for #14 in a few days. Please do feel free to send whatever's cooking in your home game as well.

    Anyway, just posting here to let people know that there is a new lulu sale - 20% off sitewide through February 23 - and that after that we are pulling these and who knows when new versions with distinct covers will be back, so if you want 'em now's the time to grab 'em.
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