Games on Demand - Origins 2012

Last year's Games on Demand at Origins was quite successful. And it's getting to be about time to plan stuff for this year. After all, the con is earlier this year, and the event registration closes march 1st. So stuff needs sorted out before then if it's going to happen.

I know Jim Crocker was involved last year, and he had the ear of the Origins higher-ups. You still around, Jim? Do you have any inside scoop we should know about? There was floated last year the possibility of a room specifically for GoD and GM badges and such.

Anyone else planning on going / doing stuff?

For my part, I need to run enough games to get in free and get part of a hotel room. That's a lot of gaming, so if I can count GoD toward that goal, awesome. Otherwise, not so awesome.


  • I'm still here!

    We are just getting the Facebook group fired back up, and I will be getting in touch with our hosts at GAMA. More as we know it!

    -Jim C.
  • What do you think your hours will be? If it is in the evening I'd love to come over a run a new game I'm making now - Snapshot: 1969.

    Chris Engle
  • I'm planning on running a lot of stuff at GoD - Origins this year. I got to play in quite a few fun game there in 2011, so I have high hopes for the experience I'll have in 2012.
  • I'll be there and am totally planning to help organize, just like last year! Running games, and maybe a LARP!! Maybe.
  • Posted By: MatrixGamerWhat do you think your hours will be? If it is in the evening I'd love to come over a run a new game I'm making now - Snapshot: 1969.
    I don't think we have a good idea for that just yet. Last year we only had morning and afternoon slots, but I'd be happy to add an evening slot as well if we can muster enough facilitators. A 6 or 7 pm slot would work and not leave the GoD empty in the evening.

    Anybody else for an evening slot?
  • I could definitely do evening slots.
  • Yes maybe? I like getting dinner in the evening. But, if we've got enough peeps, we could alternate.

    Also, if you haven't already, join our Facebook group at Indie Games On Demand - Origins! There's chatter on there about plans.
  • If we have slots starting at 2pm for the afternoon, the evening slot could be at 7. That would give a four hour game and still time to get dinner in there.
  • Hey! If you're going to Origins and want to sign up to run games at Indie Games On Demand, take a look at our instructions on Facebook!!

    The deadline is this Thursday, March 1st, so get on it friends.
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    In a nutshell:

    GoD is a go, as a regular, ticketed event in its own room. We're shooting for a total of ten slots of games, starting Thursday at 2PM and running right up to the end at Sunday 6PM. Our time slots are 9AM, 2PM, and 8 PM, so there will be plenty of the for breaks, and a good 2 hour slot for dinner.

    It looks like we've got plenty of great GMs lined up, but we are always happy to have more, of course; we'll have room in there for 5 or 6 tables at any given time.

    The best news is that because we are a regular part of the ticket-taking process, GMs can qualify for the usual Origins perks for running games if they pre-reg: a free badge at 16 hours (4 slots with 5 players each), and extra perks at 32 hours (8 slots), with players able to pre-reg for GoD slots just like at GenCon, with generics usable on-site for alternates.

    I'll be there the whole time to coordinate, muster, GM and play as needed, with plenty of help from Kira. Last year worked really well, and we're really looking forward to an even better time this year.

    If you have any other questions, want to tout what you plan to run, or just want to make a plea for someone else to run something in particular, please chime in!
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