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I had a request to open a thread about Mythic GME based on my experience this summer. I figure I'd start with links to the existing threads and then get to the making of stuff part.

2007 - Games and Gaming: Mythic GM Emulator?

2009 - Games and Gaming: request for anecdotal experience: Mythic GM Emulator

While the Mythic GME PDF was sitting in my folder for a while, I didn't see an opportunity to make serious use of it until I discovered the beta for Magical Burst. I knew that MB was something that I wanted to try out, but that I could not find a local group to play with. Enter the Mythic GME. The kicker was that juggling two new systems (in PDFS) and a journal for the game at the same time was a chore. My solution was to put the Fate table and a few other bits into a VB macro that I could call in Excel. It's not rocket science, the macro saves me from flipping back to the table all the time. Also, I was was in the middle of my love affair with Rory's Story Cubes, so you'll see references to those as well. I like the chaos and symbol interpretation aspect of that.

I created a Misc Google docs folder to share some files with you...

You will find three sets of files; a 'post processed' PDF, my GME template (Excel macro), and my chapter one of my Magical Burst solo/playtest game (also a Excel macro enabled file.) Goggle docs tends to mess with imported files, so I suggest downloading them and viewing them in their native apps if you have them. I've got the Excel files posted in 2003 and 2007 format for ease of use. Unfortunately, the macros appear to not play nice with Open Office. If there's demand, perhaps I'll convert them.

The PDF shows what the story looks like with a little cut-n-paste from Excel, some tweaking in Word, and using Cute PDF to export. If you're sharing your story, this is a good way to show the story with guts faded so they are not a distraction.

The GME_templates are blanks for use in your own story logs. Of course, you'll need the Mythic GME book to fully understand what's going on. But, in a nutshell, the macro expects two parameters; the chaos factor and the likeliness. As things start getting out of control, the chaos factor goes up. The likeliness represents the probability of a yes answer to a question (skewed by the chaos factor.) To save space, a special value of zero is used at the beginning of a scene to see if you get thrown a twist. This actually streamlines the flow quite a bit once you get up to speed since you can spend more time in the story log rather than jumping back to the PDF. The macro is also set up so that it does not re-roll existing results. It only rolls for unanswered questions based on the CF and Likeliness columns.

The mb_chapter01 files show what a filled out sheet looks like.

The way I approached story telling using this spreadsheet is to think of each cell more or less as a frame in a comic book. This is a good pacing metric for action and dialogue. The sheet also keeps the dice off the table, so this makes the game more portable in some ways, say at the airport waiting area or on your break at work. :-)

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