Story Games Minecraft server?

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I hope this is a good enough idea to be worth calling out from the Terraria server thread.
Posted By: BenhimselfActually... is there a Minecraft Storygames Server?
Posted By: Christian GriffenNot yet! But I'd love it if someone set one up.
That would be really neat! I'm not up for doing the research and making it happen (for whatever reasons, the server is laggy on my beefy machine even when limited to my home network and that's with no mods) but if it requires server rental or whatever, I'd chip in.


  • My son (8) just came home from his friend, and stated; Daddy; I've had my best MineCraft day ever! We have found lots of gold! etc-etc ... And he actually came back to it now, while I'm posting this, telling me more about how fantastic it was!

    Both my sons (8 and 12) are very engaged in this game. My oldest one is very verbal about the poor graphics being "cool". I find it very interesting to be witness to their game-exploration, but do not participate myself.

    I am more into face-to-face role-playing.
  • So, I just restarted one at, if anyone wants to use it. I think it's pretty low-traffic right now. All I did was make a castle in the spawn area, but outside that, go wild.

  • Is there a white list or anything?
  • Nope. Should be fine with you connecting.

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    I've gone to it a couple of times, at a time that I'm actually capable of playing, and when my client polls the server it comes back with "Cant reach server." Then I refresh and it might show like 0/20 or 1/20 (is that players in the world?). But when I click to join it gives "The server responded with an invalid server key."

    Just letting you know.

    ETA: Oh, but now I've gotten in.
  • It took me a few tries to get in.

    I'm working on a tower to make finding the castle a little easier. Feel free to chip in if I don't finish it! (I plan on building it up the the cloud limit, and adding proper stairs and some windows.)
  • Silly question - how do you talk in the multiplayer server?
  • The T key for talk or to see the last few messages.

    WSAD to move, I for inventory, Q for empty hand.

    Building Tower Z to the west of spawn.
  • ok. Ben has his massive tower near the spawn :)
    There is a town hall type place being built to the east of the spawn. beyond that is the boathouse and docks.

    Lets try to build a little town out there :)
  • Hm, I might have to update the server, see if that fixes the server key issue. It'll be down for 2 minutes right now.

  • We had like seven or eight players on earlier for a little while. Someone complained about severe lag but I'm only getting very brief spikes of bad lag -- mostly its as good as any of the public servers I've played on and better than many. (Once I get logged on.)
  • It's "e" for inventory now.

    I got pretty bad lag when I first started--like a 20 second delay between clicking a chest and it opening. Later, it was much more smooth.

    And I'm building that townhall. Not sure what to do with it yet, but we'll see. :)
  • It wasn't bad but the lag made monster, especially creepers, much more dangerous.
  • Out of curiosity, where are people connecting from? The server is in Colorado.

  • Near Portland, OR.
  • connecting from iceland.

    I'm trying to build an Inn near the spawn point.
    I've got the building finished, and the common room/kitchen downstairs - I need 9+ wool to make a bunch of beds though (if anyone has any)

    Take a look at this town for some inspiration :)

    I'll hopefully be making a castle across the bay from the spawnpoint later during the week.
  • Connecting from Minnesota. I only saw problematic lag in the occasional spike.

    Have you guys held down the tab key? I'm not sure if that's new -- I haven't played SMP in several months. But assuming those are indicators of connection strength, it was obvious that Steve was farther away than I was and I think Zircher maybe had the best connection over time.
  • Not a surprise since I'm in OKC. I only saw lag when it was raining.
  • Finished the bunker for the gate in the nether, should cut down on ghastly ambushing.
  • Holy shit, who dug out that huge area under the glass tower?!? Wow.
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    Wait a minute, are we talking about the same server? I don't see any glass tower.

  • Wait, I found it. You guys are awesome!

  • Posted By: Dionysusok. Ben has his massive tower near the spawn :)
    There is a town hall type place being built to the east of the spawn. beyond that is the boathouse and docks.

    Lets try to build a little town out there :)
    Yeah, the tower's... well, I had other plans for it, but they went slightly awry (And by "slightly awry", I mean "I burned to death and almost turned the entire tower interior into a lava-filled deathtrap".) The accidental columns of cooled-lava cobblestones outside it kind of grew on me, though, so I'm gonna leave it as it is for now. (Anyone else who wants to work on it can, of course.)

    My current "project" that I devoted just a few minutes before work to is improving our signage: I mean, I know where the nether portal is, and which chests have zomg-cobblestone for when I want to build something with that, and things of that nature, but somebody just joining in, a little "Hey, get some basic stuff for tools here!" would be a good idea. (Actually, that last one was just a random example off the top of my head, but it'd be a pretty good idea!)

    Also, adding random gaming quote signs here and there, because we might as well represent, right?
  • Fenced off the farm and built a farmhouse.
    Food available for all in there.
    Please make sure there is always some bread in the farmhouse :)
  • I'll definitely have to get in on this after work. Is it Survival Multiplayer or Creative? (Please say Survival.)

  • Given the rash of creeper bombings lately, might be time to consider a city wall and/or moat project.
  • Today I got a bit annoyed at the undestroyable tree leaves near the spawning point making an annoying monster-filled maze. Then I discovered that you can't light fires inside the area, but fires from outside will spread in. As will, for that matter, lava. And of course, water, which will turn the lava into cobblestone.

    Just in case any of you are wondering what that stone pyramid is doing there.
  • I was on earlier this evening as "Unwiseone". I'm working on a 'new arrivals center' on the hill above the spawn area.

    I'm connecting from Los Angeles, BTW.

  • Vasco, this morning, I noted your New Arrivals Center and then a creeper blew up almost on top of me and opened a hole in the side/ceiling and I had to leave for work before I got around to fixing it back up. So sorry about that. :)
  • Man, creepers. It's enough to make one want to make a drowning-moat.

  • I like lava moats, myself.

    I'm going to go exploring soon. Hopefully find a mine shaft or something with lots of cobwebs. Then we can use them for barb wire fences.
  • If you find some melons, the Arneson Memorial Melon Patch is still woefully nonexistent!

    Also, if anybody has some free time and wants to use wheat to lure some pigs over to the pig sty, we could complete the barnyard animal set.

    Lastly, I feel bad kind of plunking down the brewing stand in the same building as the enchantment table, but I've got game going on today, so if somebody feels inspired for a nice building to put that it, feel free!
  • No worries, I'll repair it when I get on later. I still need to scout out a good plot to build my house!

  • I think having the brewing stand in there makes perfect sense.

    I am disappointed to see my cow herd has been slaughtered or stolen or bugged or something.

    More importantly, I was killed by lag in the nether and when I got back to my death spot, none of my stuff was there except for two levels (out of eleven) of xp -- that diamond just gone! :(

    (OK, I'll go cry to someone else. :)
  • So I finished the short and humble wall separating our tiny little community from the wild, creeper-filled forest, at least on one direction of town. Made a house for myself out of netherbrick, made a couple of mushroom huts ("Yuggoth Apartments") for anyone who wants the glorious honor of being my neighbor, and unleashed a plague of snow golems onto town to help spread holiday cheer. If you want to make a few yourself you can find some harvested pumpkins in the chest next to the Gygax Memorial Pumpkin Patch, as well as snow (or, y'know, just pick it up off the ground, since it's pretty much everywhere now.)

    I also scouted out a good deal of a trek to a stronghold, but ran out of eyes of ender. Anyone sees me online and is up for a jaunt through the nether to try and get more blaze rods, or a jaunt through darkness to get more ender pearls, let me know!
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    In case anyone wants to look at this (while playing, or as a non-player!), there are maps generated and updated daily here:

  • Ha ha, I can see my house from there!

    I also totally dig that the snow from the golems is quite visible on the map.
  • Those maps remind me: any idea why some of the land edges at the water are perfectly straight and flat?
  • Peeking at the map is very cool!

    What are the multiple cave maps?
  • Isometric cave maps at four different rotations. So you can see things that might be overlapped on another.

  • Christian, there are chunk bugs still, that make biomes abruptly change at chunk edges.

  • The SKULL lurks in the harbor like a hammerhead shark hewn from mighty timbers. Woe be unto those that stray too near!
  • Seriously. You need to repair the water around that thing, it's full of little vortices.

  • Posted By: kobutsuSeriously. You need to repair the water around that thing, it's full of little vortices.

    INTENTIONAL! That's the wake.

    Also: now with working cannons.
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    Hey, looking at the above-ground map, if you look a little up and to the left the spawn area, who's got the weird little farm build on the cliff-side on our same landmass? I mined through to your tunnels and explored your stuff. It's neat finding stuff like that.
  • Man, Jared, I misestimated a bit and didn't realize the sea-serpent would be, like, literally touching your ship's sails when I started it. My bad! If you want me to break it down and remake it a block or two further away, lemme know.

    (It's conveniently placed so you can use those cannons on it, though. Pew pew pew!)
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    Posted By: Jared A. SorensenAlso: now with working cannons.
    That, I need to check out. :-)
  • There are some mushrooms on a cliff and below that there's a room with one wall open to the water. I'm not responsible for that but I've dug a lot of mines deep underneath it. Yesterday I bumped into someone else's mine at the -7 level (as it was nicely signposted). I've still only found two diamonds though, and hardly any lava either.
  • Did someone really just go into my house and steal my bed?

    I'm... I'm kind of dumbfounded.
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