[Online] Skype game Friday Evenings Eastern Standard

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Please PM all replies!
Fridays @ 8pm – Midnight (Eastern Standard Time)

A decent microphone, Skype, and we will likely use MapTools (I can make it work for you even if you have had problems with it in the past)
All rules , and rules teaching, will be provided.

I am used to running a lot of different games simultaneously (usually 3-4 different games a week), but I just moved to rather remote part of Florida, so I am starting up something online. I typically do not play traditional games anymore (i.e. DnD, Shadowrun, Savage Worlds, Story Teller) as they just do not keep my interest. I prefer to run rather short campaigns of around 10-12 sessions to keep things new and fresh, longer is of course a possibility if the game is going really great.

Things I am possibly interested in running:
• Diaspora
• Quixalted
• Fate (Likely a Steam punk / Planescape hack)
• Technoire
• Smallville ( wushu fantasy )
• Leverage (not modern day, either fantasy or sci-fi)

As you can tell I like to keep the games interesting and different, but I am always open to suggestions and player feedback. If there is a game that you are interested in let me know I may be willing to run that as well.
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