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Pickets & Blinds

Have you played it? If so, what is it like? Does it do what it says on the tin? What other games is it similar to, if any? What about the game worked for you and what didn't?

The game became available for purchase a few months ago (Announcement Thread) but I don't recall hearing anything else about it since then. Give me the lowdown!


  • It's really good. The central conceit is this memory-like mechanic where you repeatedly reveal playing cards looking for matches, and it absolutely does what it says on the tin. Each session is infused with oracular elements that enjoy a dark, off-kilter Kevin Allen Jr. sensibility, simultaneously creepy and funny. The book is beautiful, like a glossy magazine. Recommended!
  • I have to admit, it didn't click for us. Here's our play report from Story Games Seattle: A Deadly Winter
  • I think Kevin has just been too busy starring in Heineken commercials to promote the game.

  • Jason and Ben, you guys have almost diametrically opposed experiences of play it seems.

    Jason, I don't suppose you have any actual play posted somewhere that I could read? It might help me understand why you and Ben seem to have had such different experiences with the game.
  • I don't, sorry. Our game was about an abusive cop (played with elan by yours truly), his ex-wife, and a soulless suburban town that pretty much destroyed both of them.
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