[Camp Nerdly 2012] Camp Nerdly Is On!

I've been informed that Origins has moved up to the weekend of Memorial Day, which is typically the weekend after the one Camp Nerdly tends to reside in.

I'm concerned that there is too much of a conflict for CN to go forward this upcoming year. What are your thoughts?

CN needs two things right now:

1. A leader
2. A dates to apply for, which may be the same as always (the weekend between Mother's Day and Memorial Day)


  • Origins is great but Camp Nerdly is transcendent. For me it trumps any other gaming event ever.

    Origins is May 30 – June 3, 2012.
  • Hmm, okay. So, it isn't Memorial Day exactly, just starting the Wednesday afterward.
  • *fingers crossed* So hoping to go to Nerdly this year. Have to get it on the family calendar early.
  • Anyone stand up to take the lead via email yet?
  • No, don't cancel! It's the only con I ever make it to, and I love it!
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    A lot of people (around here, on the East Coast, which is right on the border of driving vs flying out there) declared that after the major F-ups of last year, that last year was their Last Year for Origins, so I don't think there will be much cross-con conflict. Unless perhaps in 2012 they really step up their game and make it a con worth attending, in which case there might be conflict for 2013. But yeah, not seeing it.

    EDIT: YMMV. Sounds like some folks are enthused about it still! (and to be honest, I love the city and food about 100 times more than GenCon). So that's not an "official S-G stance" or anything like that!

  • I've haven't been to Origins yet, but if that beast takes down Nerdly, I will mope and withhold my love from Origins forever. Nerdly must go on!

  • I would be kinda upset if Camp Nerdly called it quits because of another gaming convention.
    I like Nerdly because it's not another gaming convention.
  • I live close enough to Origins (and Gen Con for that matter) that they're both trivial to attend - would love to swing CN at some point, though.
  • Hey all. Camp Nerdly is going to happen. I will be running it with a lot of aid from several Owlbears. We're asking for the 3rd, 1st and 2nd weekends in May. This year is going to be great! I'm very excited.
  • Horray! My day has improved greatly!
  • The further away you can get from Origins, the better! Last year was our first Indie Games on Demand, and we're hoping to make it even better this year, and I for one would love to attend both!

  • Cool! Thanks, Remi!
  • Thank you Remi and all the helpers who make this happen. Awesome news!
    I'm saving up now. I'm even bringing friends this year.

    Coinciding with Origins won't hurt my chances. Nerdly and DragonCon are the only two I'm planning on in 2012.
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    Fantastic, Remi! When do we find out which weekend we got?
  • They make the decision in December, but I'm not sure when they'll tell us.
  • HI!! Is there a final date for Camp Nerdly yet? There have been some other events announced and we cannot make a commitment until we know when CN is.
    Mendel and Mija
  • The new thread is here. Come take a look!
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