Looking for some sample characters (Swashbuckler..7 Skies, Diaspora)

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Anyone know of a place I can get some sample characters for these games?


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    The files section of the Yahoo! group for S7S has a con scenario with pre-built characters, although they are slightly simplified. I think some characters have been posted in the forum.

    Here's a couple of antagonists from the game I ran, built using PC rules:

    Shaan the Pirate Niko
    Foible – Egotism
    Motivation – Notoriety [+2] Good
    Nationality – Sha Ka Ruq [+2] Good
    Past - Ex-Sha Ka Ruqrider [+2] Good
    Swashbuckling Forte – Koldun [+4] Expert
    Forte - Sidekick +2 (Ruq, Flamesong)

    Style Dice: 3

    Techniques (chained to Koldun) – Gift of the Dragon, Gift of the Pegasus, Gift
    of the Thunderbird, Gift of Qiln, Gift of the Minotaur (Mystery)
    Technique (chained to Ex-Sha Ka Ruqrider) – Idiom: With Great Style

    Foible - Stolen and obviously Valuable
    Forte - Ruq [+2] Good
    Forte - Gift of the Dragon [+2] Good(*)

    Techniques - Smart, Amazing

    (* Can use Niko's Style Dice)

    Niko is a one-time Sha Ka Ruqrider and Koldun who felt he was not getting the credit due to him. So he recruited a gang of ruffians, and taught them the way of the Ruqrider, using illegally obtained Ruqs. In time, he has turned them into a passable military force. Niko uses his Gift of the Minotaur (learned from an ancient great-aunt in the deep jungle) to make his forces essentially invisible until they attack. It can sometimes be countered by the Gift of the Merhorse. Since Niko's goal is fame, he will steal treasure and supplies, but will not usually take the ship. Sometimes he will take hostages to ransom.

    Victor Pazson
    Foibles – Cruel, Drunkard
    Motivation – Inflict Suffering [+2] Good
    Nationality – Colronan Royalist [+2] Good
    Past – Disgraced Aristocrat [+2] Good
    Swashbuckling Forte – Duelist [+4] Expert
    Forte – Ex-Musketeer [+2] Good
    Forte – Repartee [+2] Good

    Techniques: (Chained to Duelist) In a Duel, Rapier, When Inebriated; (Chained to Repartee) Insults.

    Victor is an unhappy man, and wants everyone else to be unhappy, too. The later in the day it is, the drunker he will be. After noon he will usually have obtained one failure rank in one of his fortes, and by supper time, he will have obtained two. Victor was thrown out of the Royal Musketeers for excessive dueling.
  • I would love to join the Yahoo group, but it bugs out on me and will not allow me to join.
  • Official sample characters, a few player generated sample characters, or mass quantities of sample characters for NPCs?
  • I am running a short demo of this a few other games this weekend and trying to just alleviate my work load.
  • Wow, Diaspora is going to be 'interesting' because the characters are customized to the cluster and the cluster is usually rolled up at the table with player input. Character gen has usually been a full session unto itself.

    Here's a thread that might help...

    John Reiher (Kedamono) is a pretty clever guy and set up this thread and wiki...
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    A quick search found these S7S characters from someone's game. I still have the characters from the game I ran, but unfortunately that's as they were after six sessions with a fair bit of advancement.
  • Every designer should make a demo kit for their game. It is essentially a little money maker. There are so many games that I have to skip over simply because I do not have the time to make characters for them.
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    With full cluster creation as described, Diaspora characters are certainly going to be distinctive to their clusters, but no real reason you can't present them out of context.

    There are some characters from one of my group's campaigns at the Troika cluster wiki.

    A mere few centuries old, Pangeran Kecil is the darling of his insane race of cyborg-folk. The machine song is always in his head and in his hands. Now he travels the stars with his new friends, trying to make their sometimes very stupid and wasteful machines sing.

    +5 Repair
    +4 Engineering, MicroG
    +3 EVA, Communications, Archaeology
    +2 Slug-throwers, Charm, Computer, Culture/Tech: (two systems out of cluster)
    +1 Assets, Science, Resolve, Aircraft, Agility

    * I am my mother’s memory
    * More machine than boy
    * Fine tuned jury-rigging
    * Night terrors
    * Orang Asing (outworlders) are very confused
    * Maxus Karne will understand
    * This item exists in the Arsip Catatan (archives)
    * I can get that for you…
    * Cosmic moon-child
    * Would it not work better like so?

    Health OOO
    Composure OOO O
    Wealth OOO O

    Jazz Hardware: with 2x repair time to customize parts, +2 on repair rolls. Anyone without access to his people's Arsip Catatan making repair rolls after Pangeran does so at +2 difficulty.

    M.G. Engineering. In the repair phase of starship combat, target is 0 instead of value of stress track. Pangeran’s ships are liable to become affected by Jazz Hardware penalties over time…

    Awesome T4 EVA suit. +4 Defense, +2 Stamina [17 build points]
    Defense +4 [5], Civilian [2], Pressure Suit [1), Power Suit (+2 Stamina)[4], Servos [2],
    Long Range [2] (Never “Out of Juice”), Transfer aspect: Universal tool [1]
  • Endosian Hax began his career at Demicorp at the Age of 13 in the Internal Security Division in Demicorp. 50 years later he was a the Executive Vice-President of the Space Technology, Home Appliances, and Human Development Divisions.

    +5 Brokerage
    +4 Bureaucracy, Intimidation
    +3 Charm, Oratory, Assets
    +2 Alertness, Stealth, Arts, Culture/Tech (2 worlds in cluster)
    +1 Brawling, Close Combat, Agility, Vehicle, Science


    * Bullshitter
    * No Such Thing As Friends
    * Corporate Douchebag
    * The head of way too many divisions
    * Diplomatic fuss over Mantis prisoners
    * Had the warden of the Bloc 22 prison executed over diplomatic fuss
    * He got sidetracked by internal power struggle
    * Boyfriend died in freak accident: ongoing depression
    * He will take over Demicorp
    * Will Do Anything for Slipstream tech

    Health OOO
    Composure OOO
    Wealth OOOOO

    Maxus Karne...has no description on the campaign wiki.

    +5 Pilot
    +4 Assets, Charm
    +3 Resolve, Stamina, Culture Tech (3 systems)
    +2 Aircraft, Energy Weapons, Micro G, Brokerage
    +1 Slugthrowers, Brawling, Archaeology, Stealth, Eva

    Aspects [NB at some point we started using 7 aspects instead of 10, didn't think it was this campaign!]
    High concept: Amoral rogue trader
    Trouble:Freedom Requires Sacrifice

    And five more: Always Shoot First
    This is One of a Kind
    Speedy Getaway
    The Best rewards from Good Deeds!
    Lost in a Crowd

    Health OOOOO
    Composure OOOOO
    Wealth OOOOO

    Ship: Straight Arrow, ancient T3 vessel full of surprises
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