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just a little taste...

The cops in El Centro have a unique motto—Bad Cop, Bad Cop. Anyone whose ever been brought in for questioning here knows to tell the truth, or wake up in a cell with a criminal who is far worse than you.

Beatings are always an option too.

But that’s not the worst of it. The worst is that the cops here are just as dirty as the criminals. They take bribes, sell information to pushers, and generally keep a close watch on the criminals doing them the most favors.

Which is great for the status quo.

But what happens when an investigation stumbles into territory other dirty cops are trying to cover up? Or maybe someone is ready to squeal to protect his ass? And let’s not forget about the ambitious prosecutor looking to nail someone’s ass to the wall?

What then?

dirty cops


  • i should add that i've now played this playset three times and i think it's the best one i've made.

    it might not be for everyone, but it's exactly the kind of fiasco i like to play
  • Can't wait to play this! I love these sorts of movies.
  • our last session was really really heinous.

    we were all jerks.
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    Really fired up to play this as using a 1970s feel, like the Beastie Boys Sabotage. But had to cancel this week. Hopefully next Friday.

    Edit: Spoke to soon: see below for writeup.
  • NY Times, April 1973
    By J. Jones

    No-one in New York could have missed the story of Mickey ‘Rookie Supercop’ O’Brien. And you won’t forget that at first we didn’t see his brilliance either. The first front page article we published on him, ‘Police add injury to assault on Deputy Commissioner’, was when he and his Homicide partner Sgt Mack arrested and broke the collarbone of Deputy Commissioner Harris instead of helping him after Harris was mugged and his clothes stolen. The following day we published ‘Incompetent, Paranoid and Corrupt’ above photos of Mickey and Mack: explosive revelations that the two tried to entice this reporter to a dark alley behind the Dog Box bar, the same alley where we caught them paying off mobster Vince Vincenzi that very night. In a surprise twist you’ll recall we also revealed in that article that Vincenzi was photographed later that night ‘romantically connected’ with Mickey’s widowed aunt.

    But no hard feeling Mickey. What seemed like incompetence was revealed as detective brilliance when medical bills for Deputy Commissioner Harris showed he was stuffing his own pockets from the Police Pension Fund. Revelations later that month that rather than bungling Mickey had been collaborating with investigators to draw out illicit activities by Sgt Mack netted that individual a lengthy prison term.

    Today additional details of the incidents at the O’Brien residence in the day following our ‘Incompetent, Paranoid and Corrupt’ article were revealed. We knew previously that Mickey had discovered Vince Vincenzi in the house during the night and had fought him off. We knew about Mickey returning to the house in the morning and killing notorious hitman Luigi C who was there to kill the family. You’ll recall it was during this struggle that Mickey’s Cousin Irene was tragically killed from a round from Mickey’s own gun. We also knew that Sgt Mack had arrived at the scene of that struggle with Vince Vincenzi before police, and that Mickey had shot, wounded and forced Vince to flee when Vince tried to kill them with Luigi’s machine gun.

    New revelations today that Vince Vincenzi was in fact Junior O’Brien, Mickey’s Uncle, who was previously thought killed. It now turns out that Junior was deep undercover investigating the rash of police killings of the last six months. Junior is now in hiding with his cover blown. So you’d think that Mickey shooting the undercover Junior disguised as Vince would have been a mistake? No way. The Rookie Supercop’s uncanny nose had it right again, as Junior is now being investigated for financial irregularities. Now that’s one family reunion I’d like to be a fly on the wall for.

    @Jim: Loved this! Surprisingly it turned out turned out pretty well for most of our characters as well, but none nearly as well as my unaware character who rolled five black dice to become a Supercop Rookie. Our 1970s take added a fun flavour as well: there was sliding across bonnets, big moustaches and lots of aviator sunglasses.
  • Sounds awesome, Justin.

    Glad you enjoyed it. I've played it quite a few times now and it's my favorite of my playsets.
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