Somebody tell me of Ghost Murdered!

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I have just heard about this game in the stuff to watch thread, but I haven't heard anyything much about the game and the selling site really doesn't give much more than a brief overview.

Who has played this and what is it like?


  • I'm curious as well.
  • It's pretty awesomely great. My ladyfriend MC'd it and she's never played before. I think there are a lot of AP over on the barf apoc. forums. I can try to answer questions but I think there are others who played many more time then we did.

  • I tried it once on a forum, and it apparently doesn't suit the medium, because everyone seems to think it's great, but my experience was that it was crap. You die extremely easily, there is very little instruction as to what the game is about (i.e. a goal) and you don't know if you're supposed to just run when you see a ghost or actually attempt to interact with it. Apparently if flub one card draw, you just die, which also seems capricious. Sorry to sound so negative, but that was my only experience with the game.


    Record of play:
  • I'm planning on playing tomorrow, so I'll have smarter things to say then. I was part of a discussion with Vincent about the whole concept at PAX Dev and the incredible lethality seemed like it was part of the fun and/or replay value. The other prospective games in the series had titles like Room Full of Cannibals and You're On Fire (not those exact titles, but very similar).
  • I've only skimmed through it for a few minutes, but it looks pretty interesting. Very early take is a 2-player choose-your-own-adventure horror story using playing cards and has a bit of AW underneath the hood. YMMV.

    The "you die pretty easily" thing doesn't bother me since it's pitched as a 30-60 minute game anyway.

    I look forward to playing it!
  • I've played the last 2 semi-final versions 10+ times with different people.

    It's a light version of the Apocalypse World system meets a Choose Your Own adventure book. It plays in around 30 minutes with 2 players; a GM playing the murderous ghost and a player playing a person who will either escape or die.

    Both player and GM have their own Choose Your Own adventure style booklets. Choices 1 person makes in their booklet causes the other person to flip to a different page in theirs.

    The resolution mechanic uses a basic deck of playing cards to great effect.

    The game requires the GM to make up a lot of stuff on the fly. For people who love roleplaying games, even if they have never GMed before, it is easy. We had problems when playing with 2 players who have never roleplayed before or done any sort of improv.

    I greatly enjoyed playing.
  • Our game was very dull, there just wasn't enough explanation of what it was about. However, that was a playtest and it's been changed since then so, given that Poison'd and AW suffered similar problems in playtest, I'm hopeful that the full version is better.
  • Myself and the MC both had had experience with roleplaying before, but like Steve has said, there was no explanation of what it was about. I didn't feel like I had a goal other than exploring to see what was out there, and then when I found something (which turned out to be a ghost) I didn't know what to do with it. Right about that moment, I drew my first 5 and died on the spot.
  • I've played it three times thus far (all playtest games,I haven't seen the final version yet). I really liked the online game because there was more time to craft some lush detail. I played twice with my wife, who is not a gamer, and those games were a little rougher but she also said some really cool things.
  • It's an interesting design:

    It's kind of like Apocalypse World, with an MC and a player.

    Except that the booklets tell you, each step of the way, what move to make. Then it's up to you to misdirect and narrate it into the fiction.

    For instance, your booklet might say, "If the player decides to leave the room, have them draw a card. If the card is [...] then a ghost appears and begins chasing them. Describe what it looks like, and give it scary eyes." Then it's back to the player to choose something they want to do. It feels very open-ended, like a freeform RPG, but in fact the booklet guides you through each step.

    It's a "challenge", in the sense that, yes, you can die pretty easily. But (according to Vincent, anyway), you can get better at the game and learn to improve your chances of survival. I escaped alive in my first game, so it's certainly possible!

    It's surprisingly creepy and atmospheric to play, assuming you have an MC with at least a modicum of imagination.
  • How would you folks rate it for people who are both pretty creative and have a fondness for ghosty stuff, but probably haven't played SGs or RPGs before?
  • One thing I want to say is the death thing didn't seem like that big of a deal to me. This isn't a game where you're going to be playing the long elaborate life of someone, this is a game where you try not to be killed by murderous ghosts. It takes a half an hour tops, so the body count feels just about right. At least that's how it was when I play-tested it.
  • It's "Murderous Ghosts ", isn't it? Unless this is a hack of RPGPundit's "GnomeMurdered".
  • Another thing that's really cool about the game is that the MC and the Player are playing against the book. Both the MC and the Player are playing to find out what happens and who the PC and ghost are. Hopefully that makes sense. That is one of the main features of the game both B and I noticed when we played. We had lots of unanswered questions about the ghost and the pc. Both of their stories were cut deliciously short by the ghost killing the pc.

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    Note too that it's a "Trauma Games" production, which means you're likely going to be murdered. It's a game that is what its packaging says it is (though not as crass as Ben's "Hot Guys Making Out.")

    Oh, and while I'm on the topic of Cel*Style games like HGMO, I'd say those were a major influence on this as much as the AW engine.
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    Posted By: komradebobHow would you folks rate it for people who are both pretty creative and have a fondness for ghosty stuff, but probably haven't played SGs or RPGs before?
    High! I think that's what it's designed for, precisely.

    EDIT: Although you never know what people have been exposed to, really. I played with a non-gamer who made it pretty clear that he'd never been exposed to anything of this sort... and, then, when we were discussing the game afterwards, several times accidentally referred to his role in the game as "the DM" instead of "the MC". Ha!
  • Posted By: UserCloneI didn't feel like I had a goal other than exploring to see what was out there, and then when I found something (which turned out to be a ghost) I didn't know what to do with it.
    I am somewhat confused about this. [disclaimer: I have not played yet (I got the playtest, which I read over a couple of times but I didn't find the time to play, I'll buy the pdf when I get some cash)]

    If you're a player it tells you right there in your game book, right at the start what your goal is. It's a goal-oriented game with a win condition. So...uh? Can you say more about why you didn't know what to do?
    Posted By: akooserBoth the MC and the Player are playing to find out what happens and who the PC and ghost are.
    As an aside: From what I understand from the rules, if, as a player you're playing to find out who the ghost is the odds are heavily against you.
  • Played with John Harper last night. He was in danger of being murdered by undead scabs but then it turned out he was actually a ghost too. He only made it through three rooms and none of his card-suits matched, so it looked like he would have probably been murdered real good if he hadn't become a ghost. We kinda RPG'd it up, taking real advantage of the narration and question parts of the core loops.

    The main difficulty I had was paying attention to all the core "moves" and remembering to turn to a page or tell John to turn to a page when one of them happened. There aren't more core moves than in Apocalypse World, but we played the game cold and it was a lot to keep in one's head on first read-through. We almost sailed right past the "if you do something that might catch the ghosts' attention" move. I think it still works if you accidentally miss a move, because you'll eventually hit some other move, and it would get easier to keep an eye out for the moves in additional play.

    Overall, it was pretty fun and relatively short. There were a few cheekily clever things that I chuckled at.
  • After seeing this thread, I purchased the pdf of this game. It looks pretty interesting. I'll have to give it a try when I get the chance. It's definitely more "choose your own adventure" than what I was expecting, probably since I was expecting something more along the lines of the "Lost Worlds" or "Ace of Aces" game books when I originally imagined what was going on.
  • I had a blast! The game was clear, clever, fun, and easy to play without reading ahead if time.

    Jonanthan created a really compelling and creepy location full of ghosts. It was immersive and I was really involved, even while we joked and laughed and enjoyed the "oh no, I'll be murders by ghosts!" vibe.
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