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Hi there. I've bought a kickstarter-copy of Shelter in place, a beautiful game - somewhat an action larp about a zombi invasion. It has all that you need to play - a lot of characters, instructions, even an actual play. But there's just one thing I'm not getting (and even the actual play is obscure about this). The manual states that the attacks are played like a game of "tag". I'm into youth groups so I think I understand what does this mean, but... I simply can't understand how to manage conflicts larger than the one-on-one human-vs-zombie. I mean: if I tag you, we're in combat, ok. But, what happens when we have mass combat? I can't figure it (or, I can figure it to be a mess). Is this a cultural problem concerning how we play "tag" in Italy?


  • Maybe the game doesn't have rules for mass combat other than the general rules for combat?
    As in, mass/one-on-one is not a subdivision in the rules. Does that make sense?
  • Unfortunately this doesn't seem the case: there is mass combat and you just sum up the Resolution Number (i.e., the strength) of every character involved in the combat. I just can't have a vivid mental image of how this happens...
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    Think of "tag" like "touch" - I lay my hand on you and say "3, 2, 1, combat" - anyone who is also touching you or me when I say combat contributes their rating to the battle. So if I, as a human, see three zombies in act one (total 3) touching you (total 2) and counting down, if I can I'll jump into the cluster, touch a zombie, and join the battle to make it a human win, 4 to 3.
  • Having just run Shelter in Place, one thing we learned is that you should have a progressive mock fight involving everyone before you start, so that everyone clearly understands the combat rules. We had some confusion and creative strategies that stemmed from misunderstandings of the rules. Just start with one survivor and one zombie, and gradually redo the combat adding more people each time, until you demonstrate a massive battle involving everyone, including survivors shouting encouragement from afar, a guy with the gun, etc (which is as complicated as it can get).
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    Tell me about this guy with a gun, if ya could.
    Did he throw a balled-up sock or something?
  • The gun is an item in the game. Another item is ammo, which is consumable. If the survivors find both and give them to the same dude, he can use one of his bullets to add a +2 to his resolution number for a specific combat. The props can be index cards or, in our case, a toy gun and an ammo can with a "magazine" in it, an index card from which rounds are torn off.

    We had a cool situation where the gun guy got eaten by the zombies and tried to hand off the gun, but somehow the ammo ended up on the ground. Bad times for the guy who grabbed the gun and ... click.
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