Jedi x Sith

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I was playing G x B for the 20th or so time in the last month when someone asked me if the game could be used to play Star Wars. Because that's the joke, right? "Wow, that's a cool looking game you've got, but I'm not really interested in playing roach possessed academics, Mormon cowboys or psychic school girls. Can I use it to play Star Wars?"

Turns out you can.

Jedi x Sith is a simple little hack for G x B, and an excuse for me to spend an afternoon drawing Jedi. The PDF has a page and a half of suggestions plus 4 new character cards. You can get it here..



  • Sounds cool, Jake, and always appreciate your illustrations. Having some trouble downloading it (results in a 0 byte file), but I should probably wait till I get home from work anyways. :)
  • I'm having that same issue, actually...
  • Should be fixed now. here's the direct link.
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    Once again, these genre hacks for your own games are a work of insane genius... in the good way!
  • I'm really looking forward to playing this.
  • Jake,
    What is GxB?
    Dave M
  • this is GxB
    GxB link
    it's a dating table top RPG
  • (Part of the wow! of the hack is how it totally turns GxB on its head while keeping the mechanics intact.)
  • Posted By: DInDenverJake,
    What is GxB?
    Dave M
    Thanks for linking, Tyler.

    Dave, G x B is short for Girl x Boy, a shoujo style dating sim game for 4 players that Heather Aplington and I released a few months ago. These comics explain the game:



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