Lucca 2011

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I wanted to go so badly for the past two years, but couldn't and I'm pretty sad I missed Jason and Joshua (and everyone else!) (and Graham at Gnoccocon). This year I might actually be able to go!

I'll get there only on Saturday afternoon however and I'm not yet sure whether I will be able to stay until Monday or if I will have to leave Sunday afternoon. I know, it sucks. Still figuring out the specifics.

Anyway, I'd be super grateful for any Italian friends or people who have been to Lucca to give me some advice and tell me what to expect. I'm also looking for a place to crash for that night or two, hostels are all fully booked and the rest is either too far from town or too expensive. I'm trying to CouchSurf, but if anyone here knows of a better option, let me know.

Anyway, Lucca 2011 general!


  • Many people from Italy read StoryGame but I suggest you to post on .
    There you shurely find even more answers.

    Howewer some Italian that speaks English more fluently than me will probably answer even here on StoryGames.
  • I'll be there! But I can't help you in any way other than buy you a beer or something! Wooooo Lucca con!
  • Posted By: George CotronisI'll be there!
    What, again?! Aren't you tired of that big, big mess of a convention/market/fair? Well, let's go for a snack and a drink, then,
  • Ok, so tell me what's great about Lucca and what's worth doing there. Should I get a pass for the pavilion or can I just walk around town hanging out? I understand there's some kind of indie game place where you can play stuff? Do I need a pass for that?

    I'm still not 100% sure I will be able to make it but I want to be ready!
  • Alright!

    There's not a huge amount of stuff to do if you're not Italian. Most of the stuff is translated and that includes RPGs and Comics. You can probably get to play/demo stuff in English though, I remember playing some Vampire CCG and a WW1 aerial dogfight board game or whatever. I assume there's gonna be demos for Misspent Youth this year, but I don't know if any spots are open. I might be able to run something if I can find a quiet corner somewhere.

    You need a pass if you wanna check out the pavillion, where most of the booth and stuff is. There isn't anything RPG-y going out around town, which is nice on it's own anyway.

    So. Come to Lucca con to:

    Meet the Janus folk!
    Meet Robert Bohl!
    Meet me Get drunk with me
    Meet some comics people! (I don't know what the guests are this year)
    Buy some comics! (there are some English comics around)
    Eat delicious food!
    Play some games!
  • Also:

    Meet me!
    Meet Meguey Baker, designer of 1001 Nights!

  • WTF.

    I didn't know that. Awesome!
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    There are plenty of demos that are language agnostic. Anybody can jump into Wings of War (and lose to a bunch of smirking Italians, but I digress). People are friendly. Many are bilingual.

    There will be an "Indie Games Palace" where weird games will be going on all the time. Hopefully English-speaking guests will be running games and you can horn in on those.

    The gaming pavilion is massive and packed with people and things. The comics spaces are like that times a million. I imagine that if you are into comics it is transcendent. The cosplay is going on all around at the highest level of art and craft, all the time.

    Lucca is lovely, so take time to walk the walls and get a little lost inside the town itself. My favorite gelateria was La Tosca at 100 Via San Paolino.
  • This time it's gonna be epic! It starts on friday and ends on tuesday (November 1st, national holiday).
    I'll have to split my time between the comics (because a comic on which I've worked is going to get published) and the games part (I absolutely have to meet Vincent, Meguey and Robert, although I know it's going to be epic just to be able to exchange words.
    Oh and guys. Come packed for heavy rain. Last time the pavillion's roof was LEAKING (never seen such a heavy rain during Lucca, but still...).
    It always rains (even just a little).
    See you there!

    And I have to have a drink with George too, this time!
  • Wooooo drinks for everyone (I'm not an alcoholic I swear).
  • neither am I, I swear. It's just that nobody believes me.
  • I went to Lucca twice times in my childhood, owing to an uncle that emigrated to Italy. We always stayed in this three-story house. I always brought some role-playing game or other with me, how bizarre to find it a mecca for the fantastic.
  • That probably means you have to come!
  • Lucca was awesome. I went there one year as a guest (along with Margaret, et al). They treat you so well, it's insane.

  • Posted By: George CotronisWooooo drinks for everyone (I'm not an alcoholic I swear).
    But I am. ^__-

    I'll see you guys there!
  • I am really looking forward to being there. I have a feeling I might disappear into the countryside afterward.
  • I think that would be a sensible choice. Beautiful countryside it is.
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    Yeah! This year is going to be huge!
    For indie rpgs, serch for the Narrattiva, Janus and Coyote's booth (should be all in the same place, inside the Games Area, about 100mt. from the train station).
    These are this year's guests for the games section:

    So, Lucca is a small town (about 90.000 people - 350.000 with the country/mountainside, and last years' visitors were about 140.000...), but - if you like history, art (especially churches, renaissance palaces and towers) and good food, you'll love it, besides the convention.
    You have to buy a ticket to enter into the pavillons, but you can enjoy the city just wandering around in the town center.

    I couldn't find a map on the convention's site, so I made one: (it's pretty big, about 850k).
    Last year there was a similar thread, here on SG... There are some photos, to get the idea!

    I'm sorry I can't accomodate you, Gregor, but my house is already full, this year.
    You can however search for accomodation in the near cities (like Pisa or Montecatini), if you can't find a couch. The railway is good-served, in that period, and it's about 20 mins of train.

    Drop me a line if you need something.
    And we'll all go to grab a beer at some local pub!
  • What does Coyote have in store this year?
  • They're releasing Italian editions of Hot War and Joe Prince's Hell 4 Leather.
  • So, who's going to be there on which days? I'm doing some planning myself.
  • All days all the time!
  • I'll arrive there on Saturday, probably in the morning, I'll know for sure tomorrow. I'll probably leave on Monday, maybe late Sunday. Sadly, that's all I can muster.

    I'll probably join the Narrattiva soup dinner thingie on Saturday. Otherwise I'll likely be hanging out at the Indie Palace or walking around town.
  • So bunch of different people will be coming. I'll be hanging out at the Janus booth and I'll be performing at the art area on Friday, Sunday and Monday at 14:00. Drop by and say hi!
  • So, turns out I'll be there on Saturday and Sunday, running demos for Janus, most likely at the "Indie Palace". I can't stay in Lucca for dinner because of sleeping space arrangements (looong story), but if you guys like we can arrange an English-language aperitivo or something. Whisper me your e-mail if you'd like my cellphone number.
  • I'll probably see you at the Indie Palace.
  • I'd be there Saturday and Sunday at the Indie Palace as well!
    And I reserve a spot at the aperitivo too! (well, 2 spots)
  • I'll be there friday to sunday. On friday I'll present the new larp anthology I've collected ("Dopocena da brivido" - more on this, in English, on Larp Frescos vol. II). Friday and saturday evening I'm attending the Best of Show prize celebration as juror. Apart from that, I'll probably hang around spending money and having a look in the Indie RPG Palace.
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    Posted By: Davide Lositoaperitivo
    OK, let's meet at the Indie Palace about 18:30, anybody who's not there already. Both on Saturday and Sunday.
  • w00t! Wwonderful first day. It was great to leave the press room (Sala Ingellis) just when the two Weasley Twins were getting in and a hysterical chorus of young women was annihilating my ears. :)))
    Tomorrow we'll discover who's going to be the winner of the Best of Show: Apocalypse World, Misspent Youth or RavenDeath?
  • Apocalypse World just won the "Best of Show" prize as best rpg. Congratulations!
    - Misspent Youth and Ravendeath nominees for Best of Show
    - A Penny for my Thoughts winner of the "Best Mechanic" side award.
  • Wonderful people, great weather, superb food, good gaming. (and cosplayers, oh my god so many cosplayers)

    I'll have some (not terribly exciting) pics tomorrow.
  • I put some pics on my blag.
  • So… In the end, my own logistics overwhelmed me and I wasn't able to honor the aperitivo I had myself suggested. But I guess everybody was too tired with their convention-duties to notice, or even remember. I hope to see you guys again in more… relaxed circumstances.
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