Looking for players for The House, a Youtube based story game

edited September 2011 in Story Games
Me and Robert Bruce are running a game we wrote called The House. The game is played online through in character video journals posted on Youtube. Everyone plays a person on a reality TV show about all the characters living together in the same house. We're looking for players who are excited about acting out their character online and have the ability to post videos regularly.

Anyone interested should:
1) read the rules on the game's blog
2) Make a youtube account for their character
3) Upload a character pitch video to their account, and
4) Send a link to their pitch video via a youtube message to our youtube channel, TheHouseTheGame.

Tell us who you really are in the message too, especially if you're famous. We'll watch all the pitches and pick who will play. If you don't get picked, don't give up hope! You can still be selected to be a cast member for the next season.

We look forward to seeing all your pitches. Now I have to go before the hackers get me.


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