[Final Hour of a Storied Age] New playtest draft available

The end of an age draws nigh, an age of magic and wonder, an age when legends walked the land and great deeds were done. That was all long ago, when lives were larger, before things were settled. Now, if there is any greatness left, it is great evil, evil that will change the world for the worse. In the last hour of that age, a new story begins. Will it be the story of a hero, rising up to save what is good and true about the old age to shepherd it into the new? Or will it be a sad lament for things long gone, to usher in a new age of darkness? It is now the final hour of a storied age, and telling the tale falls to you.

Storied Age is a no-prep, GM-less roleplaying game that, over a few sessions of play, creates an epic fantasy story in the vein of The Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time, or The Sword of Truth. The game weaves together creative contributions from each player around a structured plot arc and then helps you play through a chapter-by-chapter account of how your characters face adversity, echoing how an author starts with an outline and fleshes it out into a full novel. By distributing responsibilities and providing creative constraints to guide players’ contributions, Final Hour of a Storied Age lets everyone experience an epic fantasy story without asking anyone to shoulder an epic creative burden.
I've posted a new playtest draft of my Epic Fantasy roleplaying game Final Hour of a Storied Age (full PDF available at the linked page, 72 digest-sized pages). This version incorporates some changes based on feedback and playtesting, but I need more external playtests to get a better handle on whether the game works reliably when I'm not directly involved. If anyone's on the fence about the game and wants to see some AP in either podcast or text-based form, I'll be happy to point you to some. I was also recently interviewed about the game on the New Style podcast. I'd love to get feedback or playtesting of the game, from questions on what it's about or areas of the rules that aren't clear to you all the way up to audio recordings of a group playing through a full story arc.


  • woah!
    I just skimmed over it and it seems to have a lot of nice interesting ideas. The "story generation" with themes and such looks very interesting.

    I'm going to have a better read of it later today.
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