Monologues only?

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I'm working on a game where people take turns telling their version of events through monologues. I'm wondering if there are any other similar games I could look at. If so I'd like to see what sort of mechanics they used for conflict resolution.


  • You might want to look at Paul Tevis's A Penny For My Thoughts. Players are narrating their own stories up until decision points. They then ask two players to give alternate accounts of what their character said or did at that point. They then choose one and proceed telling the story from there. There's more to it than that but that's the core.

  • Narrative Cage-Match... which was in a game called Pantheon by Hogshead. Might be close to what you're looking for.
    Or Polaris for fighting over what is true (so long as you call it into conflict as it's said, and not like three scenes later.)

    Baron Munchaussen has a bidding mechanic to interrupt the active player to add some complication or twist, but the active player can dismiss it at a cost to him- or her-self.

    Maybe these could function as a good start?
  • I watched a play like that once. God damn. It was the most boring thing ever.

  • Baron Munchausen seems like a good reference point. It's explicitly about monologuing.
  • Standing by the Window - all monologues. AND NO ACTION! EVER!
  • Orion, tell us some more about what you are trying to achieve with your game design. Why are monologues cool? Why do you need conflict resolution?

    1001 Nights springs to mind as having nice mechanics that ensures interaction between players even if players take turns in telling stories.
  • Once Upon a Time is a fun story-telling card game that is monologue until you get interrupted. It doesn't encourage working with others, it's actually very competitive. There are some interesting things there that are worth looking at.
  • In Bacchanal, when it's your turn, you tell everyone a lusty, orgiastic story. No one else joins in or helps you play out the scenes - it's your spotlight, and you do all the narration. Each player's story is isolated. It's very monologue-y.
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    That sounds like what I'm going for, Joe. Except minus the lust and the orgies. Well, there might be some lust and a smattering of Orgies, who knows. I'm playtesting the game Sunday before we release it on the public, if anyone wants to come to Olympia to play. And by the public I mean the internet.
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