[Dying Memoryes] Cover Concepts

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Thanks for everyone's help.


  • The second definitely..the painfully shredded words more closely match the painful face.

    The first font almost makes the man look like he's laughing joyfully. The second one makes it look like his psyche is splintering.
  • I like the 2nd one better, but the dot above the first title's "y" sells it much better as an "i". The 2nd title really reads as Memor YES.
  • I also like the second one better.
  • I think the first one would be more suited to not having the image. With the image, the better one has a better "fit".
  • craggle. i think you are absolutely right. i am going to tinker with the text a little more. but maybe i'll offer both versions.

    who knows.
  • First is the worst. Second is the best...
  • The text and image don't mesh very well.

    I do like the text in the first one if you remove the image... though I'm also a fan of negative space. If you do that, an accent of some sort will help, perhaps punching up the blood a very small amount (brighter, or darker and more solid), I wouldn't adjust it much though, keep it subtle.
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