Help Me Decide on a Logo

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Knowing of course only what you've gleamed from other threads on here, if any at all. Pick one.



  • Bearing in mind, it is okay to not like any of these. And that these are sketches for the final product, which will have textures, color, etc.
  • For me, the middle one's dot on the y keeps the spelling from hurting so much ;)
  • the spell is purposely wrong. if that wasn't obvious.
  • If you're using the crazy spelling, then the first one. The rest look like restaurant menu typos.
  • you should spell it dyyng memyrys


    Also, yeah, if you're going to use a word that's spelled in a silly way, you need custom typography to make it look like it's on purpose.

  • First one says crazy upside-down time.
    Second one says classy, inward-directed self-destructive behaviour.
    Third one sucks.
  • I have no opinion without more context.
  • First one
    It looks more interesting and mnemonic for possibly helping memory.
  • Only the first one really counts as a logo. But it screams of Illustrator autotrace, and the built-in distressing is repeated (though mirrored) in the second M.

    What are you trying to convey?

    If you're using it on a website you should be sure to see if it works onscreen at that size.

    Keep in mind that if it doesn't work in black & white, no amount of textures or color will help it.
  • The Y repeats too. If you want a distressed look, you should distress it yourself.

  • Actually, I would argue that only the middle one is a logo because it's the only one that has an element that is not just a letter or a flipped letter. The dotted y is a unique element and not just a type treatment.

    And of those shown, I'd vote for the middle one because it's both readable and intriguing. And the typeface looks archaic enough to fit in nicely with the funny spelling. Speaks to me of ancient texts with too may Es in them, where Fs and Ss look the same, and the print is starting to fade with time. Which fits nicely with the name.

    First one is more messy than evocative and I think the inverted character I is lame. It looks more like Twisted Memories than Dying Memoryes.

    Third one, as previously noted, sucks.

    That being said, I'd love to see more iconography. What does a dying memory look like? A fading text? An old person with Alzheimer's? A splattered brain? Last words written in blood?
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    the middle one is my favorite as well. and while it's not reproducing well on-screen, the last one is jagged and faded. this would reproduce better in print (where 72 dpi and 300 dpi fight to the death or something).

    and the idea is that memories cannot be trusted... so tinkering with the spelling (which was a happy accident) felt right

    as for people's comments about being distressed... yes... i have every intention of going to the next stage with these. it just felt like a fun exercise to get other points of view on it. not something i usually do.

    thanks for the feedback.
  • I only want to play the first one.
  • If the third one only looks good in large print at high dpi, then it's not a good logo.

    A good logo should look good:
    Embossed 1/4" high on the bottom of some fancy paper
    Printed in a single, wrong, color onto a cardboard box and then mangled a bit
    Lit up across the top of a building

    That's the rule of thumb I was taught in a graphic design class once, and I think there's a lot of truth there. When I look at logo designs, I run them through those tests in my head.

    It's hard to make a logo that does all those things, but the best ones do (though they may encompass a series of related logo treatments, rather than exactly one design).

    The middle one comes closest to doing all those things, definitely. The others don't scale well at all.
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