Stabbing Contest episode 38 {a very special episode with Clyde and Mickey}

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Clyde and Mickey have a long discussion about the Penny Arcade dickwolves fail, feminism, define some terms, and I don't really add much, so if you hate listening to me, this might be the episode for you.


  • I listened to this, it was very informative.

    It also made me feel very not-American in an odd sort of way.
  • I'd like you to expound on that, man. How?

  • Mostly the apology thing. If you bump in to me and it's clearly your fault, I will still apologize to you. So it's weird to hear this sad, sordid story of some guys who decided to be jerks instead of just, y'know, apologizing to anybody who might have been offended. Then again, there's the joke that "I'm sorry" is Canadian for "go fuck yourself."

    But then there's the crazy feminists. I've been hearing about the for years but still haven't met any. I just did four years in university, including feminist classes, and all the theory and the people into it I've encountered have been completely reasonable. That could just be luck though.

    Oh, hey, just as a data point to Clyde on words: there's no "rape" in the Canadian criminal code; everything from boob groping to ass invasion is "sexual assault."
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