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Not sure if anyone has heard of this, Catherine, but it's a fantastic story game. I'm presently over 50% through the game and it is a very interesting story, with numerous intersecting threads. I have suspicions about how it will end, but I really like how it is not a linear story and it seems to prey upon the player's fears from time to time.

I can't really say much more without talking about all the details.

But if you are looking for a non-traditional video game inspired by non-linear story-telling, this is a good game.


  • Yes! I linked to it on stuff to watch this month, cause I'm playing it too. I'm totally diggin it. What I'm the most surprised about is that despite the premise and the heavily loaded gender stuff... it's big on gender equality, and I don't think it favors one or the other. So far. I'm about 50% through too.
  • I'm really interested in trying this game some time, though I don't know when I'll get that chance.
  • So how annoying are the puzzles and how much interaction do you have with the story?

    I love Mass Effect and Dragon Age for the story and the amount of influence you have on it but to be honest the combat in them is pretty boring, I tend to think the puzzles in this would be the same sort of thing.
  • I'd say that's a pretty good comparison Vernon. Except the puzzles in Catherine go by faster. The interaction with the story is about 50%, the puzzles are about 50%. Story interaction basically is talking to NPCs, so similar to Dragon age, but less cut scenes cause the art while you're playing is actually pretty solid.
  • It is unlike any game I've played. The puzzle part of the game could be a separate game from the "story" you watch unfold in the other half. Your involvement with that story is minimal, but when you do impact it, it seems to have very subtle effects. I like it alot, but it lacks the obvious immediate impact of a game like Mass Effect.

    But. If you like ME1 (2 was a stinker), then you'll like Catherine.
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