[Technoir] How to heal a Broken Heart (etc)

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I have a rules question regarding Technoir. To fix a locked adjective that represents a social loss, what sort of implant works there?

Say I have the locked adjective 'smeared" from a hacker's manipulation of my Spacebook page to make people who data-mine for me find me to be offensive. What would the process be for getting rid of that?


  • Seems like it would be a tech upgrade- maybe an add-on to your connection to the Interface that acts as an agent, continually monitoring your virtual profile and posting counter-offensive PR content.
  • I think, and correct me if I'm wrong, that the key intent around Replacements is that it has to cost Kreds, not that it necessarily makes you more "cyber".

    As such, removing "smeared" might involve acquiring an Agent software like Steve says, or hiring a team of outsourced astroturfers to counteract your bad rep, or bribing a Spacebook sysadmin to block all posts referencing your name which also contains keywords from a taxonomy of derogatory terms.

    The necessary expenditure of Kreds will drive the player to acquire more of them, which in turn will connect them closer to the plot.

    That may be drifting the rules as written a tad, since it also implies that one might unlock a Kneecapped tag through paying for Physiotherapy services (=Treat), not necessarily through the acquisition of a cyber kneecap requiring Kreds to install (or a Splice favour). The difference there is time, I suppose - acquiring a cyber kneecap and having it installed might take up your afternoon, while physio might take months or years. I don't see any particular dangers in playing a bit fast and loose with the Restoration rules though, when it clearly makes sense within the fiction and the lockiness of the adjective is trickier than usual to deal with by the standard rules.
  • That was in line with my gut, but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Kreds is the driving force here...
  • Be sure to check out this thread: [Technoir] Locked Adjectives.

    My most practical piece of advice is: if you have a hard time finding a replacement for it, then it probably doesn't need to be a locked adjective.

    But that takes some of the fun out of it. So, like Mikael said, there's no danger in being liberal with your interpretation of what a replacement could be. The main thing, as pointed out, is that it costs Kreds and likely sends the protagonists back to their connections for some favors.
  • The physical stuff gelled immediately, but the "Social Damage Implant" concept got me scratching my head until I started thinking in terms of the drive being to get a downed PC to reach out for aid.

    Also, that link really helped out as well.

    I should be running my first game of Technoir this weekend.

    Again, Jeremy, this is a killer app of a game!
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