Fiasco : Dirt People

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We played a little more fiasco recently and I got to play my own playset design, The Dirt People (909). [Link] And I can't believe how well it went.

I've only had the luxury of playing Fiasco about 8 times now, usually because of other people's time constraints. But this was the best session I've ever had. Five players. None of whom had played Fiasco before, but were familiar with the concept.

Setting. Upland. Montclair. Ontario Mills area of the 909.

Players. Me. Jason. Amir. Kurt. Zach. I don't remember a single character name except mine. Zekk. I played a meth head trying to recover and attending NA meetings when he remembered. Jason played my brother, who worked as a strip club bouncer and tolerated my lack of a job. He also took pictures of girls in our house with the promise of "work." Some of these girls were of a questionable age. Zach played my NA sponser and the owner of a meth lab. He was also a survivalist nut. Kurt played part owner of the meth lab. Part owner of a phone sex operation. Part owner of a couple of strip clubs. And a cash poor jackass, living in a mobile home park. The park owner was a thorn in his side, who I played from time to time as an NPC, giving him a Persian accent. Funny stuff. Finally, there was Amir, the strip club manager, sick of Kurt's mismanaging style and lack of understanding of the business and payroll. Amir was certainly the nicest guy there and we all agreed should have had an awesome death. Sadly, the dice at the end were kind to him. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Locations. While the strip club was not a location, I took a NEED for my character that implied the location of Deja Vu, a strip club in Rubidoux that we moved conveniently to the location of Tropical Lei in Upland. Our other location was the gun range in Lytle Creek.

Objects. Jason has illicit pictures of his neighbor, which we determined was a girl from the local mall named Amber who was 17. My character got ahold of his phone eventually and sent pictures to his sponser on HIS phone. That phone wound up in his car, which was impounded by the police.

Needs. I needed to get a stripper's respect and Kurt needed to get even with his mobile home park manager. Amir took an object, but I don't remember it ever coming up in game. There was so much story, we just didn't need it.

Amazing Elements. There were half a dozen NPCs in this game that kept making appearances. Amber, Mobile Home Park Manager, Two Cops, Stripper named Cherry, Two other Strippers, Chief of Police, Two other Cops, and the neighbors who we never saw but always yelled at Jason and I to keep it down. Every location we added was a real place from the 909. Everything felt authentic. So when things went horribly wrong (I ran over a cop with stolen car), none of the choices our characters made felt out of control or unbelievable.

If I remember more, I will post it.


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