Second Taste?

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What are the top five games you've played once, maybe twice, but you really want to play again to get a better feel for how they work? For me, they're

1. Apocalypse Word
2. Trail of Cthulhu
3. Panty Explosion
4. Fiasco
5. In a Wicked Age

Honorable Mention to Burning Wheel, but I really think I should try reading it all first.


  • 1. Zombie Cinema (can't believe I haven't managed to get more than one game of this happening yet!)
    2. Five Characters in Search of Identity - (it's called a larp and I think I know how it works, but it was damn fun so it still counts!)
    3. umm...

    My list is pretty short, as I either have managed to play lots of games, haven't really cared for the first game, feel like I "finished" the game already or then haven't even managed to get that first game in yet. Now a list about games that I have and would want to actually play... that would be quite a bit longer.
  • Anima Prime
    Panty Explosion
    Primetime Adventures
    Apocalypse World
    Beast Hunters

    I think I have a better handle on Beast Hunters, having played Anima Prime once.
  • Hmm... I'm generally played at least 3-5 sessions of most of the games that really intrigue me. Well, that or zero. I guess...

    1. InSpectres: people rave about this game, but I haven't really seen the genius in a couple one-shots.
    2. Burning Wheel: played a lot of Mouse Guard, but very little of the Wheel.
    3. Shadow of Yesterday: only dipped my toes in this one.
    4. Mortal Coil: Played a couple of pick-up sessions but there's so much that more long-term.
    5. Annalise: Only played this game once and, then, not the final version. Would love to play again.
  • Lady Blackbird - Had a really good time the one time I played but I'd love to see the "no two sessions are alike" thing in action.
    Spirit of the Century - Got to play once at a convention but didn't get a good grasp on Aspects until listening to AP podcasts after the fact.
    In a Wicked Age - I've played it once and it was great. Tried to run it twice and got luke-warm results both times. I want to get familiar enough with it to get it RIGHT and to see how it goes for multiple sessions.
    7th Sea - Only got to play for one session but had a great time with it and wanted to see more.
    Paranoia - Also only got to play this once - had an absolute blast and I'd like to see how different people run it.
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    Spione: I'm going to be organising a game of this very soon.
    Apocalypse World: It was great to play this for 14 session; I think I want to run it now.
    Burning Empires: I loved the three sessions we had of this, and I could feel myself getting better at playing it.
    Microscope: I had so much fun playing this - I must do it again.
    Capes: I want to play a 4-player game of this, with people who are all into the philosophy behind the rules.

    Honourable mentions:
    Bliss Stage: Can't wait for the new edition!
    S/Lay w/me: I just played this for the first time on Monday, and I thought it was great. Simple, intuitive, and it created the type of D&D game I wanted to play/run when I was 16 years old.
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    Typically our groups devote enough time to games to reasonably thoroughly try them out, but I can think of some examples from our past:

    In A Wicked Age: I think we tried this for two sessions, and I didn't get to play further. As I suspect I would feel with /all/ Vincent Baker games, I want to try it, and thoroughly try it, to see how it works.

    Burning Wheel: We played it for a year. Parts of it worked, parts of it did not. Then we threw our hands up. I would definitely like to try it again, and this time I would (a) use Burning Wheel Gold with all of its reputed improvements, and (b) try to ease into it in exactly the way advised in the Adventure Burner.

    Capes: We tried this for a couple sessions and it seemed pretty fun. We all seemed to think that maybe it wasn't all that well suited to longer term play, but I'm not sure we played enough to fairly have that determination. I wouldn't mind trying it again for a stretch of four or five sessions to see what happens over a longer term.
  • Freemarket: One session with two groups, but I can't figure out where the fun is. But I'm itchy for good transhumanist gaming and I trust the designers.

    Mouse Guard: Actually I've played a lot of it but only within two groups and maybe 3-4 episodes each group. I'm itching to hack the hell out of it.

    InSpectres: Ran it once or twice. Feels like it could use more attention.

    PTA: Played it, never ran it. Want to.

    With Great Power: Played a couple sessions and I feel like I was *just* getting past my conceptual problems with the game's procedures. Would love to fire this one off myself.
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    Cthulhu Dark: Just ran this for the first time this past weekend on the fly. Great fun...would love to play with it more!

    Leverage: Played a one-shot at a local game day and it wet my appetite.

    Apocalypse World: Have played it a few times at some cons, but would love to play/run a 5-6 session arc

    A Taste For Murder: Played once (and just the first act!) so I'd love to give this a full play through.
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